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Thread: Boethia map marker bug?

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    Boethia map marker bug?

    Playing Oblivion again I tried to play it as if I never have; no short cuts in quests and such. I've gotten around to doing the Daedric quests, but realized that Borba gra-Uzgash has never in any play through given me the map marker for the Boethia shrine. I think I stumbled upon it the first time since I like to walk the edge of the map looking for the hard to find places anyway. Looking online for help, I found no mention of this lack of cooperation on her part except the last bit here. Seems like the same problem, but no solution really. I even found mention of bringing a daedra heart to get her to open up. Didn't work.
    Has anyone had this issue? I'd like to continue the pure play through. Thanks.

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    Have you read the books and/or had the conversations that make the topic available?

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    Sorry, yeah. I did what all 'solutions' I've come across say to do including carrying Martin's copy of "The Refugees" as well as "Modern Heretics" while talking to both Borba and the castle healer. It sounds stupid, but I actually read that somewhere. The healer does what she's supposed to do. I get the Daedra Shrines topic from her, but Borba isn't doing her part.
    I'm thinking I took too long to start this quest line and now the special aspect of Martin's version of the book is gone. I finished the main quest before trying to get this map marker. Plus, both the copy from First Edition and Martin's stack in inventory. I thought if they had different properties that they wouldn't stack.
    Is there a code I can use to force the dialogue from Borba?

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    Surely randomly stumbling across the shrine while exploring is a valid method of finding it? That's how I originally found most of them.

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    You're right. I did the same most of the time since the questing side of the game can be a little lame sometimes. I just never heard the dialogue for this and was curious. So no way around this 'bug' I take it?

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