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Thread: Do you recognize these places? (campaign in progress)

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    dear lady R.

    you did ( are doing) it again..

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    d. 30.4.16 Always remembered
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    Thanks again to everyone for the positive comments.

    When did Constantine have a renovation at his manor?
    Not Constantine, someone else did......

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    You did a MUCH better job than he ever could have. It needed a woman's touch. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenArts View Post
    It needed a woman's touch. lol.
    Tell that to Victoria the green witch. Or was it Vicky the green Bitch?

    Anyway, it obviously needed a certain woman's touch. Not any woman would do.

    And now back to some witch-bitch hunting in Seven Sisters...

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    d. 30.4.16 Always remembered
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    LOL When I said "someone else" I was not referring to myself, but to a certain character in my mission who bought and restored the manor.

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    d. Dec 2017
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    This is excellent news! I'm drooling on my keyboard kkkeep sssliding..

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    Looks good, Nice way of handling TDP OMs into Thief 2 without problems of copyright and stuff (TTLG still has rules on converting right?). Not that i would moan.. Kinda puts me in the mood to work on my little return mission again.. but I'm not a DromED guy.. Even if most of the design work is done for me..

    I would say i can't wait to play these but i can. I'm not a guy that wants creators to rush, which end up with an inferior product. Take all the time you want/need to and I'll be waiting to play this when it's done. Curse and Seven Sisters always rate high on my list of top missions.

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    Holy Hella! the screenshots look great. I especially like screen "6", very realistic looking cobblestone, all bumpy and such... can't wait

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    Lady Rowena, The Tower was the first FM i ever played. The Seven Sisters are in my top 3 favorite FMs ever. You have a great knack for creating FMs that are close to the feel of the original Thief. I can't wait!

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    Bringing up this thresd just to ask the Magnificent Lady how things are going with that project.
    And maybe, please, please some more screenshots?

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    Wow, Lady Rowena, non vedo l'ora!!!!

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    After inquiring about the status of her next FM, Lady Rowena told me that this project is currently on hold, due to familly problems. Here are a few citations of what she wrote:

    Unfortunately there are no news about my campaign, I hadn't the chance to work on it anymore. I have no more time for dromeding, even if I'd wish to. My inspiration and willing are gone, at least for now, So I can't tell if and when I'll feel like to get back to dromed. Sorry. But my campaign is not abandoned at all, I'm still thinking about it, I still have new ideas, even if in the end I'm too tired and discouraged to put them into practice.

    Thanks for contacting me.
    Hopefully she returns to dromEd eventually, but real life is intervening and it's unknown when this might chance.
    Take care with everything, Lady Rowena!

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    Damn! I hope its goes for the best during the next time.

    I would like to see the art of Lady Rowena again.

    Be strong!

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    Hi, Lady Rowena! How is the Lazy Project going these days? I'd love to see another gem from you!

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    Me too! I rank you right up there with Gaetane!

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    Man I haven't even finished Seven Sisters yet, at 9 hours of gameplay total and on the last mission, just amazing work you do. I can't wait to try this one out I hope you finish it these look amazing as usual!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingm View Post
    Me too! I rank you right up there with Gaetane!

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    d. 30.4.16 Always remembered
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    Hi there! Finally I restarted working on my almost abandoned campaign.
    Mission one (Home Sweet Home) is almost done and at the moment I am concentrating on finish this one. The other two (Beyond The Wall and The Wicked Manor) are half done, at least I hope so.

    Here are some screenshots:

    The Wayside Bank (mission1)

    The burricks arena (mission2)

    The turkish bath (mission 3)

    I hope you like it.

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    Oh yes. This news makes me very happy.

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    Beautiful work, as always, Lady Rowena

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    Excellent work! The last screenshot in particular is very good.

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    Looks like a "Sequel to Seven Sister"... OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH! You go Lady Rowena.. Those pics look awesome.... Just reminds me to break that campaign back out under new dark and of course Lady Rowena's curse

    Where's the guy(s) that invented new dark, I want to give them a pat on the back

    EDIT: Yeah, maybe I should read the whole post first.. Those first two screen immediately made me think about Seven Sisters, but you had said OMs at first. I agree with a couple others that you should've worked with LGS originally on this as the OMs were should we say, bland. Yours, gorgeously rock!
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    Those screens look Freaking awesome!!

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    Between you and DrK posting screenshots for new missions, I currently have a surplus of desktop wallpapers. I'll be able to switch to a new one once a day at this point...

    Looks INCREDIBLY awesome! I'm excited to the point where it's almost irrational.

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    Happy to see you here Lady Rowena! I was afraid you've abandonned your project. I am happy that I was wrong

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