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Thread: Dark Mod Fan Mission: A Special Delivery by Silencium18(2010/06/12)

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    Dark Mod Fan Mission: A Special Delivery by Silencium18(2010/06/12)

    A Special Delivery is a very small warehouse & factory Dark Mod FM. In this fun little mission you have to find a valuable diamond. Enjoy!


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    Thanks, and congratulations on the release!

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    great! I was looking for some new fms and it's just in time thanks!

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    Nice one. Usually I unlike big metal surfaces; here they seemed proper.
    But huge ventilation ducts feel always a little strange to me.
    Nevertheless, I had a good time with this one.
    And though it seemed easy, I still miss about 200 loot ...

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    ditto, Outlooker; though it was short, I had a good time playing. though it seemed easy, I missed about 300.
    reason enough to go back in

    thank you for posting this for us, fidcal, and thank silencium18 for making it!

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    nice mission

    This is a nice mission, thanks for this one Silencium

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