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Thread: FM Preview - Sturmdrang Peak

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    FM Preview - Sturmdrang Peak

    ...or possibly Sturmdrang Island, haven't fully decided yet. Anyway, I thought I'd show off a few screenies of my mission in progress. It's a large castle complex built into a mountain on a strategically valuable island by the Baron's Navy. From here, they plan naval battles against pirates, amongst other things...

    Not yet pictured (read: finished) - the small port town nestled at the base of the cliff, where ships come in to dock, and shady characters go to drink grog in the many taverns and brothels...

    Anyway, without further ado (click for fullsize):

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    Looking amazing, nicked, gloomy and spooky!

    Awesome choice for a location btw - so many possibilities for story and gameplay are running up and down in my imagination right now...

    So, ETA? Don't worry, I'm not greedy - today, tomorrow, monday at the latest - I'm fine with that.


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    Your description sounds awesom! Are we going to visit this small port town and probably - some ships too?

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    That's incredible, Nick! Can't wait to see it!

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    ETA is still a ways off I'm afraid! My goal is before the end of the year, but don't hold me to that!

    Still building the town section - I had to split it into a different mission because it all got too big - I'm still getting pathfinding errors that need hammering out. I'm trying to make it a real grimy pirate town like Tortuga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicked View Post
    I'm trying to make it a real grimy pirate town like Tortuga.
    This is great! So we can expect plenty of pirate ships too, right?

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    It looks terrific! You know where to email if you need a tester when it's ready for beta.

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    The atmosphere looks great and I really like the sound of the setting. Thank you for the preview!

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    Love it, Nick!

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    Amazing,spooky and amazing

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    Great job! I got a Drang to play this right now.

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    Very good news indeed. I'm always happy to hear about a new mission from Nicked!

    From the looks of it we're all in for a treat

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    Thought I'd show off a couple of screenies from the ruined abbey from the last mission of this campaign. Click for full size!

    As you can see, it gets a bit chilly!

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    Looks like a very open area for Thief engine. But I guess it's the fog.

    Keep on rockin'.

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    Very much looking forward to playing your new FM, nicked! Btw; I didn't see it listed in Phantom's 'Upcoming (etc.) FMs' thread. How soon before it's released?

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    Hard to say - I wanted to get it done by the end of the year but that's not likely now. It's not in Phantom's list because I don't deem it to be 50% done yet. I'll probably get it added when all the architecture's done - not long now! All the rest of it, objectives etc. is pencilled out, so in theory it should be pretty straightforward from here on out. Never happens like in theory though...

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    Ohhh snow, I like snow.
    Looking forward to playing this when ready.

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    Can't wait for this one

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    Looks great, this one. As for the title, I'd go with Sturmdrang Peak... but then again, any title with the word Sturmdrang in it sounds awesome, so even Sturmdrang Pencil Case would be great.

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    Looks great Love the snow and fog setting.

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    Thought I'd kick the new year off with some preview shots of the first mission in the campaign. It takes place in a small fishing village:

    A fisherman's shop:

    This house has been abandoned for a long time:

    A statue in honour of an old Commander of the Navy:

    A few houses:

    The entrance to Sturmdrang Castle:

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    very good
    remind me Eclipsed a bit

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    That looks really great, nicked! Full of atmosphere.

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    Umm...make sure you give Garrett an umbrella. I hate getting my head wet!

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    All the screens look amazing! How many missions will there be? Hope you will be finished soon and thank you for all of your hard work!!!!

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