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Thread: T2 Summer Vacation Contest: Captain Of The Guard

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    Quote Originally Posted by PotatoGuy View Post
    Sagittal, there's a time limit. After 30 minutes on Hard you should have received a message that the gate is fixed and that you should pull the lever. (On Normal it's 20 minutes, and on Expert 40.)
    Thanks PotatoGuy - don't quite know how I missed the message on Hard, but sure felt like a sit down in a darkened room after the 58 mins! Just played through on Normal and saw the message fine this time after ~ 20 mins!

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    fun mission

    Thanks for this one, took me 35 minuts to finish on normal mode, could have finished this mission with less time if it wasnīt the fact that the mechanist after repairing the gate mechanism stood beside the repaired lever without frobing it, thatīs when i realized he was smiling at me like saying "still having fun fighting the undeads? the lever gate is more than ready to be used, i just donīt feel in the mood to use it " after protecting his life this is the way he thanks me by teasing with me and not closing the gate. Anyway it was fun holding the udeads, protect the mech and close the gate.

    This remind me some of the side missions of "Enclave". a music from this game would have fit well in this mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardia1 View Post
    after protecting his life this is the way he thanks me by teasing with me and not closing the gate.
    When I first played this mission and noticed that I just considered it to one of Talim's customs that only the Guard Captain has the right to close the gate, no exceptions allowed, not even when there are hundreds of undead! It doesn't make much sense but it was fun to imagine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Taffer View Post
    It's impossible! There's just too much.
    Say, wouldn't an alternate solution have been to fix it so that in the last stage, or last two stages, make it so that only the haunts, runners, hammerite zombies, etc drop loot when they die and disable the loot drop for the lesser zombies and zombie guards, or something? Seriously, it's a carpet of silver coins up on both ramparts, here. A SIX INCH CARPET!
    Anyway, this is still ridiculously fun to play, even with the bugs and lagginess.

    P.S. My favorite ambient music is at the second-to-last stage. Just before Lux Aeterna.
    Sorry for your troubles.
    I did consider putting in some sort of loot cap so if the player has x amount, no more loot will drop, but time was short and I couldn't think of a good way to rig it up.

    Perhaps it's something I can fix in a later version.

    Edit: the mech is supposed to seek refuge in the mage shop after fixing the gate. I wonder if he got stuck on the trolpause point.

    Edit edit: yeah. A talim custom! That's what it was!!!

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    This mission was a ton of fun. I sometimes get addicted to the tower defense style games and this one will probably be no exception - finished successfully on normal the first time through and had a great time. Brilliant music choices - my heart was racing the entire time and it definitely felt like you were in the middle of a struggle to hold down a piece of land from the zombie hordes. I had a ton of mages and fire archers and experienced no lag. I also had no problem with the money drops - I let my army do the work while I jumped around collecting the money before it piled up too much. That part was alot of the fun.


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    I'll have to practice my loot collecting skills, I guess. Or maybe there's just something wrong with my system that makes it more laggable.
    Anyway, loot tends to pile up in places like the entrance to the town, where all the undead come through--in the last stages of the game, there's so many undead coming through that I can't get in there without taking serious damage. I'll try next time, though!

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    This mission rocks! Just finished it on normal quite comfortably. Time to ramp up the difficulty! I found by the end I had 4 Hammerites down below smashing everything to pieces. I only had the zombies on the ramparts to deal with, which the archers/fire archers dealt with so well. In fact the lone swordsman up top was getting annoyed as he never got to swipe anything!

    Towards the end, I simply stood on the middle upper section picking off the odd monster with arrows and then occasionally ventured out for some more loot when I was running low. It's a good thing really as a running apparition nearly legged it through!

    Congrats on making something different and so much fun! this FM brought a big smile to my face.

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    I can't even make the 20 minutes on Normal, because the game always crashes to desktop. I don't have usually this problem with Thief, maybe is because the amount of enemies. I don't know if I can fix it in any way
    Besides all, a great FM, I called my best friend so he could came to my home and we played for a while, almost without stop laughing. Thanks RT!

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    Sorry to hear about the crashing.

    I can't really think of why it would do that unless you weren't picking up loot. But since you made some progress, I'm assuming you were purchasing soldiers and equipment, so that probably isn't it.

    I am glad to hear that everyone, for the most part, is enjoying it though.

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    Yeah, I have purchased some soldiers and equipment, it crashes randomly. I have a Intel Quad, and I disable three of the cores for the application, but still crashing. Still enjoying it anyway, the only bad thing is to suddenly stop when so much WIN is achieved hahaha

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    If you release too many units at once, it may slow the game down enough to crash. If that doesn't, in my experience, the units rush out into the field I can't access and start a undead massacre, piling up on coins that I can't frob therefore reinforcing the potential to crash.

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    I find lot of bugs, like:

    Sometimes you can't pick up money, it just like "ghost money"

    I bought some mines, and but on the ground, when I come back they were gone, and I'm sure that they didn't explode!

    Rarely some of the zombies/haunts are immortal! They just don't die! (Like they were using god mod or something )

    When I place some of the mages or others shooters on the "big window" they just shoot until they don't see any enemy and start searching around and then stop somewere else, and they don't come back

    But I don't care, this is one of the best FM's I have been ever played! 10/10

    BTW this is reminds me of Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty 5

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    Where is my sniper-rifle ? Or an AK 45 at least ? A flame-thrower would be nice, too.
    Sorry, just not my type of mission, but that's OK.
    Hope you have fun !
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    Yeah, it's definitely not for everyone. Thanks for at least trying it out, though.

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    You guys must be gods because I can't even get started on easy I went to buy a few helpers and a mine, turned around, placed them at the rim of the pit, was about to drop the mine at the door, then lost immediately due to a zombie escape. Also, the background music and ambient noise completely drowns out the beginning narration from the guard. I couldn't tell what he was saying at all. I can futz with my sound levels and try again.

    I'm not a Warcraft player, so this sort of game play is foreign to me. Good idea though and it seems like it would be fun. Interesting concept

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    Odd. The background music shouldn't even begin until he's finished talking.

    The escape must have been a fluke if you were really as brief in the shop as you imply. Normally the starting troops can hold off the enemy for a couple minutes- especially on normal- but I suppose it is possible to lose quickly.

    Here is what the repairman says if you want to know and still can't hear him:

    Welcome to Hell, Captain. We need to get this gate closed but it's jammed. Here, take this money. You can use it to buy soldiers and equipment at the mage shop to your left. The troops I've posted can hold off the undead for a moment but don't doddle. Our scouts report that even more hordes are on the way, so keep the foul things away from me while I work. You keep them off of me and inside the walls and we'll both see the sunrise. Good luck and may the builder protect us all.
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    Thanks for the text. I could hear a little of what he said, but his voice was about 20% as loud as the background noise (thunder). I was mistaken about the music. There wasn't any yet. I've tried again on a faster system and got about 5 1/2 minutes into it. I was stopped by a runner and had not put a mine down yet. Duh!
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    Thanks for this mission Random_Taffer! It was somehow unexpected, but I enjoyed it very much. A very creative FM so to say

    My strategy after several attempts to finish the mission:

    Firemages, firemages and again, firemages.
    I placed them on the defensive corridors to the left and right as well as in the center (2nd floor). Their shots with huge area damage is just what you need to wipe out the undead.

    This worked well on all 3 difficulty levels, although it was a close one on Expert.

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    Cool Random_Taffer ! I am not any good at it, but I stayed with it for a half an hour or so, commanding a few here and their, but mostly bit the dust. Great concept ! I can see where this could come in handy for Training to Command small forces. Congratulations on your release !

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    whew, this is an intense fight! it was a lot of fun, though - congrats & thanks, Random_Taffer!
    thanks for posting the time objectives, PotatoGuy, I'd made it long enough a couple of times on Normal without realizing what to do to end it.

    my strategy was:
    a Hammer by each ledge door
    2 mages in the big central window
    a fire archer on each ledge
    mines in the corridor

    I tried hiding frog beasts in the nook with the ladder (to chase runners), but quickly discovered that they explore a bit and WILL set off any mines in the corridor there went 80g...
    I just had to pick up loot as it fell (to mitigate lag) and replenish fallen soldiers.

    *I have also encountered the "search and never return to post" bug that was reported earlier. I've had a couple of mages and Hammers walk behind the table and stay there, facing the wrong way.
    *perhaps prayer benches (the low kind, to be knelt on) could be turned sideways and put along the ledges to keep guards from falling down? that should still be low enough for Garrett to jump over.
    *as Elkston mentioned, I would love to see the courtyard open to explore. the guards should know better than to go out there, though

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    Very close to my own strategy!

    Well done, and thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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    If you ever update it, I want the archers/ mages to just STAY PUT!!! I lost 90% of my archers when they stepped off the ledge and into the main pit/hallway. Then they'd see zombies farther than I can reach and rush out there and kill, dropping coins I can't reach. Hammers and sword guards are fine to run about, but dangit, those archers seem to enjoy point blank shots

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    Gosh I had fun with this. I was worn out after 34 minutes playing normal! I didn't see or hear any message telling me the lever was fixed so I just went over to it finally and frobbed it. My strategy involved about 75% mages, 25% fire arrowmen.
    The music was spot on helping to increase the intensity of gameplay.
    Great mission. Well done. Thanks, R_T

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    Glad you enjoyed it. There's supposed to be a trumpet that sounds and a message that comes up, but it's brief.

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    Not my type of fun, definitelly, but I admire the creative concept
    Quite well executed idea of tower defense in full 3D

    Music is also enterteining. I always like to hear Lux Aeterna played in the menu of the FM, despite the annoing trend of it being included in almost each movie trailer released these days...
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