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Thread: Dark Mod Fan Mission: Pandora's Box by Jesps(2010/07/11)

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    Dark Mod Fan Mission: Pandora's Box by Jesps(2010/07/11)


    Pandora's Box is a small FM in which you have been smuggled on board a ship to steal an item called Pandora's Box, and replace it with a fake. But this is no ordinary ship...


    Play time is roughly 25 minutes to an hour depending on your play style. Note that although the loot objectives are reasonable, finding all of it is quite a challenge so add to that time if you like to find it all!

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    Yes,you made my day.Love ship-based missions
    Downloading now

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    Boy are you in for a surprise!

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    The site is unreachable at this time.

    ping request timed out.

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    Nice, i will play it when there is a fix for the scroll button in the latest version.

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    Fidcal, you are fast becoming my hero.

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    Just finished and I wanted to thank the Builder for making a Great mission!!

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    a ship!
    this was a fun little mission, thank you for sharing it with us Jesps (though it must be larger than I thought, I missed about 250 in loot!)
    I had some trouble at the tops of stairs while crouched, but standing and getting a bit of a start helped.
    one big criticism is that the loading screen image gave away the setting! there is a hint in the briefing, and I would have liked to discover as I played that the ship was actually an airship during play. if I was beta testing it I would have suggested that image be used as a painting in the captain's room, so we could see it from off-deck but it wouldn't spoil the surprise.
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    Oioioi! I was playing on medium and stupidly ko'ed everyone...
    Now the ship is guideless and I cannot steer it. I'm afraid it will crash! Has anyone invented parachutes?

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    No problem. It can be assumed that at least the captain will wake up later and he can land the ship on his own - hence the 'don't kill the captain' objective.

    I was reluctant to waste that loader screen as I was quite pleased with it. Hanging it as a painting is not a bad idea though.

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    Is Jesps planning anything major like Scepter of Dor'Amal (T2) for the Dark Mod?

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    I don't know about major; Jesps is currently making a small FM for the vertical contest - about 5 weeks to go. Let's hope that inspires him to produce something bigger afterwards.

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    Nice mission

    Thanks for this nice mission Jesps, the zepplin is nicely done and the skyboxe is also nice , looking foward for more.

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