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Thread: Arx Fatalis some questions I have

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardia1 View Post the ultima series..
    Though most Ultima games can be worth your while. I particularly meant the two Ultima Underworld games both developed by Looking Glass Studios (or 'Blue Sky Productions' as they were called in the early years). The Underworld engine wasn't developed particularly for the Ultima brand, but once they struck a deal with Origin to publish it, it was decided to use the Ultima brand to garner more interest.

    The last game from the 'regular' ultima series is Ultima IX: Ascension, it was the first of that series that featured a full 3D explorable world. At release it was really buggy, but some serious patching made it very playable. Though it still gets grief from fans who are disappointed that the game doesn't strictly fit the stories of earlier titles, if you don't care much about that, it is actually a great game.

    Like Arx and the Gothic series, both Ultima Underworlds -and also Ultima IX- are non-linear and allow for some great exploration, sometimes into areas you're not ready to deal with yet.. creating a great feeling of a continuous world waiting to be explored.
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    Abou tlast Akbaa crystal

    Quote Originally Posted by cardia1 View Post
    I found a nice way to defeat those ylside knights, i got inside their base and took advantage of their sleeping room to kill them, it seems the beds are a good way to make them get stuck and behave as they were disorentated, leaving me the chance to strike them without their reply and therefore killing them with a hand in the back , there are many games where i learn how to find the weak spot of the engine faults in order to bug the ai creatures beahaviour leaving them defenseless ... i only need to find one akbaa crystal to open a gate, any tip?
    Last crystal is in the chest in the room of Iserbius. Key to the chest in the small box near the bed. To open the box put(use) candle on one of the sculls which is on altar.

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