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Thread: Travels in Arx Fatalis: RPS

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    Travels in Arx Fatalis: RPS

    Click for the RPS ongoing series with Alec Meer narrating a playthrough of our beloved Arx. Enjoy, and here's hoping he finishes it.

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    It doesn't look like he got too far. If he decided not to proceed any further it would be interesting to learn why -- at least from a perspective of someone playing through the game nine years after its release date.

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    that article is not funny although the author tries to. still good that the game gets mentioned and maybe finds a few more fans. but somehow I doubt he presents it in a positive light or sparks any interest in it.

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    This article reads like an RPS writer's humour vehicle the way certain Hollywood movies are star vehicles. The writer isn't interested in the game, he's interested in how clever he is. Arx deserves better

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