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Thread: T2 Bathory Campaign 3.0 New Dark (25/03/2013)

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    Okay, thank you I started to play Dracula Reloaded now and I see that is says Carpathian Tales volume 1, all makes sense now haha

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    Haha yeah. Enjoy! Both of the campaigns are two of my all time favourite fanmissions!

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    replayed this amazing set of missions,so much fun

    one of the best storys as far as in charecters you play in missions

    i am guessing gellert is a relative of garrett,

    and the gellert/maid and bathory all playable

    only thing i wish was better was the very last mission,i would have rather seen gellery get married and have garretts great grand father?

    what bathory and the maid were doing after the pact was complete

    and did bathory know dracula? or just happen to have a crypt close to his,ofcourse in the thief universe
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    Wow, what a fantastic campaign...just finished my first ever playthrough of this after having played Dracula Reloaded last month, I am going to have a Sensut withdrawal now for real : (

    I think overall this campaign is even more polished and sprinkled with lovely little details than Dracula Reloaded, though the first two missions of Dracula Reloaded, entering Dracula's castle had for me such an incredible level of suspense and horror not knowing what to expect (probably based on being familiar with the book Dracula and some movies too : ) that those two really stand out from the whole series in that respect. Something I loved in this whole series was the amazing and detailed & believable castle and fortress architecture, I really don't think there are any other FMs out there that even come close to this, I would say this campaign is the standard to compare any castle-themed levels with; they were just so much fun to explore, infiltrate, and sneak around in. The storytelling in this campaign was out of this world, I loved the multiple characters' points of view and all three of them were interesting; wrapping the whole Bathory story between the Prologue \ Epilogue connected to the protagonist of Dracula Reloaded was a touch of brilliance that just really added that extra bit...

    I tried as much as possible to complete the missions without dying on my first playthrough but (mostly) did not succeed, however a lot of my attempts were close it was also pretty easy to miss some detail in the vast missions and end up running around for hours so a couple of times I had to resort to the forums for help; fortunately all of my points of confusion had been asked before and I managed to find answers. Let's see how I did...

    Prologue: died once, slipping off the roof jumping to the inn balcony, no forum help needed
    Chapter I: Blood & Ice - first time completed without deaths, no forum help needed (2h 4m)
    Chapter II: All Souls Day - died to a guard once, maybe I had another death, don't remember completely; could not find the frobbable mat on the hut floor so had to look it up on forum (2h 51m)
    Chapter III: Menial Servitude - died once, really unnecessary death failing to grab a ladder...none besides that; I got stuck not noticing the key under the mat where you had to steal the gold (2h 25m)
    Chapter IV: Pagan Fear - died once...I wasn't sure if it was safe to land on the metal grate thing entering the lava place, seemed flimsy, so i tried jumping directly to the rock island from the rope arrow, didn't make it lol; had to resort to the forums to figure out where all the gold chests were since i missed those, but found all the other stuff ok. Another stupid unnecessary death when I managed to beat the undead lady first time safely : ) (2h 32m)
    Chapter V: Fallen - no deaths, but did have to resort to forum to find the gold, somehow I completely overlooked going into the hut with the doll (1h 43m)
    Epilogue: no deaths, more gold I couldn't find...apparently the lesson from this campaign is I tend to miss stuff I can frob on the floors haha, that was several of the things I missed...

    All in all I think I did pretty well, mostly 1 death or no deaths each mission and had to maybe look up one thing on the forum

    Glad I finally came across these classic campaigns...thanks a lot Sensut!

    Favorite moment from entire playthrough: in Pagan Fear, when I was in Luca's hut area, I knocked out the random guy who was near her and then was getting ready to knock her out, thinking she was some innocent defenseless female NPC character...somehow she sensed me when I was right behind her, turned around, and all of a sudden I saw her disfigured \ demonic face or whatever and she started casting her spells....I RAN hahaha, it was brilliant; it was an utter pain to get her safely afterwards since she was alerted and her froggies were near : )
    That whole pagan sanctuary overall was one of my favorite parts of the series and probably makes that my favorite of all the missions
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    Text walkthrough. No video, no images. Just a "this thing is here, that thing is there, to do this you should do that" type of walkthrough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sensut View Post



    Hey Sensut, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for Carpathian Tales, I imagine how enormous amount od wielu it must've taken. But these masterpieces gave a lot of people much joy. You're the best

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    Amazing to me that it took over a decade for me to rediscover this masterpiece.

    Belated congrats to Sensut for this incredible contribution to the Thief oeurve, and profoundest wishes that his life endeavors outside Thief have been going as he would wish.

    A true master who is missed.

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    Iīm replaying this amazing campaign and need a bit of help: In mission 3 (all soulīs day), could someone please tell me where I can find the key for several of the basement doors? I think its labeled with "basement keys"
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    My notes mention two keys that could be the one you're looking for.

    The first one is a key I used in an early (non-campaign) version of the mission to open the first of two doors leading to a crypt (in a castle, I think). Unfortunately, I wrote down that I did not remember where I got that key from.

    The second key is located in a room in the town. This room looks like a library; there are many bookcases there. There is a hatch in the floor next to a desk; the hatch leads to a more or less secret passage, and can possibly be used to enter the room. Anyway, near this desk and in the bookcases, there should be this second key. However, I neither wrote down what this key is used for, nor whether it is labelled in any way.

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    Thanks baeuchlein, but I found it! Itīs on the table in a room with two beds in the basement. Its just laying there, not hidden or anything. Maybe after 2 hours in game I should learn to take a break, since you miss the easiest things

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    Sometimes, I think Garrett needs a really big magnet to carry around. If he wanders into a room then, all valuable metal items, keys, and even some equipment will automatically fly towards him. Makes a robbery much easier!

    On the other hand, once the master thief reaches a group of active explosive mines... And every Mechanist robot could then carry a sticker saying "Free hugs for the master thief!"

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    Glad I'm not the only one playing this eleven years later.
    So, maybe someone can tell me this:
    In Pagan's Fear, in the garrison, there are two wall safes in rooms at either end of the long beam running above the main dining hall (I guess it is). Can anyone tell me how to get them open? Apparently they need keys, since they have locks, but where are the keys?

    Nearly a month later now. Many interruptions, but finally finished it.

    Greatest fan Campaign ever. So good that it compares quite favorably with the original Looking Glass campaigns for Thief I and Thief II.

    I cannot even imagine the amount of work and dedication Sensut put into this, but it is a monument to his ingenuity, creativity, and, indeed, love. For this could have been nothing less than a labor of love.
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    My notes mention two safes in that region, although I thought only one of these was at an end of the beam. But nevermind.

    First, look for the room of an officer in the upper part of one of the buildings. The officer should be called Captain Boja or Bojta, and most likely, one of the two safes you already found is actually located in this officer's room. Once you enter this room, you should also notice another door nearby, leading into another room. Near the right lamp at the rear of the room, you should find a "safe key". It opens the wall safe in the officer's main room.

    Inside that safe, there is a key labelled "Another safe key", and this one should open at least one of the safes along the beam you mentioned.

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