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Thread: A recent review

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    A recent review

    An interesting read, despite being written almost two decades after the game's release.

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    Thanks twisty, that was a really good read.

    Newcomers should be wary of a few spoilers, but otherwise it's a nice write-up which definitely helps you appreciate the effort that went into the game, and shows that Blue Sky / Looking Glass really did hit the ground running.

    I am mystified by the author's apparent belief that keyboard movement controls exist only for looking up and down, and that all other player movement must be performed via the mouse interface. UW has a fairly comprehensive set of keyboard controls (all detailed by the reference card), which I generally used in preference to the mouse.
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    excellent in depth review! UW1 is still unmatched by many of today's RPGs

    I've done a short Underworld retrospective about a year ago over here:

    also I've gathered here pics with Underworld boxes and posters and stuff

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    That's a very impressive selection of screenshots you've got their Dominus.

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    That Ankh knife with the runes is impressive - is that something that only came with the Japanese version?

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    This review shows fundamentally wrong approach to games. Games are not movies, but interactive pieces, so in good game the player is creating the story, usually by exploration and interaction with elements of games world - instead of discovering pre-determined story. Due to technical limitations, video games can't be fully non linear and interactive, but many old games are successful in creating enough interaction without forcing the script.

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    Kethoth: You appear to have completely ignored the title and opening paragraph of the article?

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    No, I didn't.

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