Finished in 43 minutes with 4804 of 4929 total loot. Out For A Walk is as standard as Thief missions get: a small area in the City with a Hammerite church nearby. J_J's first mission "The Storm" also featured a building in the City with a Hammerite church nearby.

This mission is okay. Nothing in it that hasn't been done better before or after the year it was created. The architecture is basic. The lighting in some places could be better. Some AIs do not have patrol paths and are standing with their backs to the wall in a corridor you must go through, forcing you to confront them head-on. Some areas lack proper room-brushing, which leads to sound issues.

Some forced ghosting at the beginning. You start with no blackjack and no sword, just with the lockpicks. You get all of your equipment after you break into an armorer near the starting location.

There is a large crowd at an open-air bar. This looked like a nice touch at first, but then I realized none of the AI in the crowd react to player actions, not even stealing bottles and money right from under their noses while I was in plain sight.

At the Hammerite church, the author tried a similar trick with placing a humming congregation of Hammerites in the pews. This time the idea works because you can only see the congregation through a small opening and cannot interact with any of the AIs.

Other things I noticed in Out For A Walk: 1. There is a single fly hovering near the public bath house and Adams' place. 2. The Hammerite in the prison area has a custom skin with what looks like a Ninja face mask. 3. The two thieves in the prison's cells still have their swords.