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Thread: Soundtrack

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    Somone get this? Maybe somone have this 5 songs from GOG?

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    What GOG has is mere snippets of the ambient tracks, less than a minute long. You're probably better just having a character sit idle, recording "What you hear" and making an mp3 off of that.

    And no, I'm not giving you the tracks that GOG gave me.

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    Arx has no 'full length' tracks in any part of its in-game soundtrack, all it consists of are a number of rather sort loops.

    Digital Nightfall made the effort of collecting them into a single zip which can be downloaded here. Given that Digi knows Raf (director of Arkane) personally I can only assume this collection is accepted to be publicly available..

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    There's also an application called Arxpak ( that allows you to extract files from the game's archive files. This will let you get all of the sounds and music in their original quality.

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