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Thread: Trouble in Chapter 4 (Across The Sea Of Blood)

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    Trouble in Chapter 4 (Across The Sea Of Blood)

    I am at the point where I've lowered the gangplank and I'm supposed to defend the boat after leanna gets on. the problem is, no matter what I do, the minute I start hitting or kicking the first guy who was chasing Leanna, the game gives me a message "Leanna doesn't like you - mission failed" and then asks me if I want to reload or go to main menu. This happens no matter where the guy or Leanna are. I have even gone so far as to use the "ai_disable" cheat code befpre either one got to the boat. I am playing the game on Steam. Can somebody help me get past this problem, even if it involves some kind of cheat?

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    Did you accidentally hit her before? If that's the case, try reloading from an earlier save if possible.

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    No, my save is just before she comes running out from her hiding spot, with a bad guy chasing her.

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    doesn't she have a companion, some kind of priest with her. that one is friendly and she gets pissed if you hit him. maybe that happened.....

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    Yeah, that "bad guy chasing her" is an ally. Don't attack him. The guys you're supposed to be fighting in this section are pretty standard Black Guard that don't start coming until Leanna is on the boat and talks to you.

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    Doh! OK, thanks for the help, I'll give this another try.

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