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Thread: Hardcore or Regular?

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    Hardcore or Regular?

    I'm running a Hardcore character my frist time through. So far it's been okay, i only have 2 annoyances.

    Unable to heal my own crippled limbs is annoying.. Doctors bags are very rare, and somteimes.. so are doctors. I've been walking around for an hour with a crippled head and arm, and the only doctor I know (the one who saves you in the beginning) isn't in his house...

    What kind of character are you playing with and why?

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    Normal mode for me, I'll do Hardcore next time. I wanna just play as I know how to play, and once familiar with the game, I'll be happy to play with the added difficulty that Hardcore bring to the table. I am only level 2, so my character hasn't really taken shape yet, but I am aiming for Sneak, Guns, Repair, Lockpick, & Science primarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunsmoke View Post
    the added difficulty that Hardcore bring to the table

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    I just realized I didn't mention my 2nd annoyance. Sleeping doesn't heal you.

    It really is hardcore... but I know that I"ll milk this first playthrough for everything I've got.. so i'll be playing it for months. I don't think i'd want to start so soon after finishing to get the hardcore playthrough, so I figured I'd just start it to begin with. Of course at any point I could pansy my way out of it, which is nice.

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    Sorry koki, but I am going to play my game the way I want to. I really couldn't care less how you feel about my choice.

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    That's not what the facepalm's about, really. Hardcore mode's apparently not hardcore enough.

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    It's interesting how Sulphur is the only person who can get the point of my posts most of the time.

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    Maybe I'm just used to dealing with people who're socially inept?

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    Oh, and maybe because you have ZERO skills at communication. You post a goddamn picture or sling a one liner here and there and want us to pull your exact meaning out of it? Post a complete, coherent paragraph once in a while or take your ass back to 4chan. They speak macro there I hear...

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    Koki whatever happened to your not posting at TTLG 'cuz we weren't bitter and hateful enough for you?

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    Sweet mother.. This forum needs someone to roll up the hallway tossing handfuls of prozac around. This is the nth thread thats degenerated into a blistering whirlwind of pent up sexual tension and grown men compensating for their insecurities.

    That said I'm going with 'normal' for now. I was considering hardcore up until I read VA's post.. As an acceptable break from reality, game breaking injures that seriously bog you down tend to drive me off. I don't enjoy playing games as a cripple simulator until I find a doctor to magically fix me up, and I'm of the firm belief that there is no fun way to implement that into a game that dosen't give you an entire party to command at once.

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    i just couldn't seem to find him. that's all... I finally did. Nice thing is, fast travel is still possible even when crippled.

    I actually think it makes my character a little stronger in game. I can't just carry 4 dumptrucks full of ammo anymore and use whatever weapon I pick up. So I'm actually specializing in one or two that I always keep on me, until something better comes along that I can use as my main weapon.

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    I'm probably gonna wait another week or two before I pick New Vegas up, especially with everyone complaining about the bugs it shipped with.

    Quote Originally Posted by Volitions Advocate
    I've been walking around for an hour with a crippled head and arm
    I've had a similar problem just yesterday playing the original FO3 with the FWE installed, which has a similar way of treating crippled limbs, a feature called Triage which involves using certain medical supplies in addition to stimpacks or seeing a doctor. In my case it was even worse though, since the default configuration of the mod also has fast travel disabled, so I had to drag my ass all the way back from around the GNR to Megaton limping along the way. I did it, but after that I decided I wasn't going to again, I've ended up swapping back to the vanilla systems for both, stimpacks heal crippled limbs and fast travel back on. You can make a case for disabled fast travel, but the Triage approach just doesn't work in my opinion, in particular because it seems to be far more often that you get crippled limbs with FWE on.

    But, returning more towards the thread topic, if the only serious issue people are having with Hardcore mode is the way crippling injuries work, I wouldn't worry too much about it. All you need is a mod to add a non-consumable inventory item to run the same script as the Doctor's Bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunsmoke View Post
    You post a goddamn picture or sling a one liner here and there and want us to pull your exact meaning out of it?
    Well some people have no problems with it

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    For the sake of clarity, here are the actual differences between normal and hardcore:
    - Stimpaks heal over time.
    - RadAway heals radiation poisoning over time.
    - Ammo has weight (but not much)
    - Companions can die. (that actually sounds annoying, given the non-existant AI)
    - Eat, drink and sleep to stay alive. (but it amounts to eating a snack and a few sips of water each day, and 2 hours sleep for every 48h)
    - Only a doctor or a doctor's bag can heal a crippled limb.

    Pretty basic for a hardcore mode, although needing a doctor or doctor's bag actually sounds potentially challenging, encouraging you to play more carefully (though I suppose "True Hardcore" mods will start appearing by the dozen). The healing over time feature should've been on every difficulty level though, and I'm not sure how much impact the weighted ammo has. Still, it's more than Bethesda ever did though. I really hope that RPS dude is just projecting FO3's blandness on what should be a more interesting Fallout game than Bethesda could produce.
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    Dude, play both. At the same time. Hook up like two tvs next to each other, one hand on one controller. How fucking awesome would that be! You'll be pulling some mad pussy with that setup. MAD. PUSSY.

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    Hardcore isn't meant to actually be hardcore. It's more like Realism Mode. I'm finding it fun though. It adds a bit more tactics than "run up and shoot dudes which is okay because I heal instantly".

    - Companions can die. (that actually sounds annoying, given the non-existant AI)
    Oh it is. Especially when ED-E has 0 DT.

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    My Char so far - Pariah

    I've jumped straight in on Hardcore and Very Hard - you just need to learn to pick the right fights and which people you can run away from and ambush.
    Survival is a piece of piss once you get a few points in it - you can just live off cactus water and gecko, or make stuff like sliders.

    I've got about 60 hours playtime and in that, I've slept for about 10 game hours. I've not done the first story quest yet: Go to Novac, as I prefer to develop my character a little so I know how I want to play the story.
    Besides - a lot of side quests will have impact.

    I *DO* hope that it's not like other games whereby you get to level 30 before even starting the story quests and then the enemies and challenges in the story are designed for low level characters...


    For Hardcore mode, one Weapon Skill (ranged/energy - or melee/unarmed if you take sneak), Medicine/Sneak and Survival are the best tag skills for an Hardcore player.
    I'm playing, this time, a short-sighted ranger (hunting rifle / lever action shotgun / Chance's knife and some spears for hard to reach silent kills - if I have to kill [I HATE that you get good karma for killing ghouls and Fiends!] and a few frags and mines).
    Minor skills are lockpick, repair, speech, medicine and explosives.

    I like ambushes and traps. It kills deathclaws at level 12
    If I'm going into a fight, I'll chow down a few steaks first if I think I'll get into any trouble or wounded.
    Most of my inventory is stuff to make food and water, a submachine gun, rifle, shotgun and knife.
    The rest I just sell. Then either pickpocket my caps back or win it all (and then some) at caravan.

    I'm currently pickpocketing NCR dogtags and giving them to legion, but I have apparel for most factions (light armour, as it's faster - DT 10. Stashed some power armour, as I reckon will need that later).
    Haven't got to Novac yet, but I'm having fun exploring and helping out the NCR.
    Little do they know that I'm planning on betraying them to the Legion at some point (when they're sucked dry and I've done all their quests) and my true loyalties lie with the Followers of the Apocalypse, of whom I've met only one, but know of several others.

    Fast travel is ok, but I only do it at night - besides, I need to forage for stuff. oftentimes, I'll just munch on a few mesquite pods on the journey to satiate myself.
    Having a high science, repair and survival means you can make wicked drugs (including Hydra and antidotes and poisions [v useful]) and the effects are compounded.

    Doctor's Bags aren't hard to find / steal and doctors aren't that far apart from each other, really. Neither is Hydra and I've got a stash in case I run out back at GoodSprings of about 8.
    So far - been crippled 3 times; gotten about 1400 health from food and 600 from stimpacks (of which I have over 100 and about 30 supers).
    Killing stuff before it gets you or even sees you is best, *IF* you gotta killi it at all.

    The main problem is being caught unawares: E-DE is a good companion (like Dogmeat was) but he's not stealthy, so I'll tell him to stay put while I check out a load of red and then ambush them or avoid them.
    He carries barter stuff. I don't need caps - I steal the things i need and repair my own weapons.
    I usually carry the ammo for barter, as it's lighter.
    Ammo having weight is like the old Fallouts. It means you can't load up on 10,000 5mm and then go beserk with a minigun or carry 30 mini-nukes at once. Well, you could, but you'd be carrying nothing else

    Besides, with Chances knife, now... I can decapitate a Super Mutant Master with 3/4 Slashes and the rest as regular attacks - then just hack away if VATS runs out.

    I've had to reload a few times like at Jack Rabbit place with loads of rads and mutants... That caught me totally by surprise. Died a couple of times until I realised the mutants died easier with a knife than with a shotgun or explosives (Penetration Perk and Action Boy).

    Really - the list of perks that are available, I wish I had enough points to put into Barter so I could get Pack Rat and half my load practically. That'd mean I'd be able to carry a little more heavy hardware as well as clothing/disguises.

    So, my character is your basic Ranger, I guess. Good with people and things and looking out for his-self.
    My next character is going to be an evil (as possible, like - blow up NCR!), brain damaged boxer who became a courier after refusing to throw a fight. Someone who, paradoxically, is pretty good at stitching up wounds or stitching up honest people equally well.

    Oh yeah - I also reloaded because E-DE died after attacking a whole load of rad-scorpions who then were killed by fire gecko's, who were then killed by me. But I wanted E-DE back.
    It's better that they die.

    All in all - I still prefer Fallout 1 & 2, but this is a *lot* more like I imagine a 3D FPS version of those games would be.

    Good on ye lads! It's not just Elder Scrolls V: Fallout any more!!!

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