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Thread: TDM: The Knighton Manor by Sotha (2010/11/09)

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    TDM: The Knighton Manor by Sotha (2010/11/09)

    The Knighton Manor is a small/medium sized map in which aspiring thief Thomas Porter steals a valuable scepter from a city watch captain named Godfrey Knighton. It is the first mission in the Thomas Porter series. The mission was created by me, Sotha and I wish to thank Bikerdude, Ungoliant and Xarg for playtesting. An enormous thanks goes also to the fine people who created TDM and are still working hard, bringing it ever closer to perfection. Thanks also to the community for helping with my mappinge efforts.

    Few weeks ago my fence heard a rumour about a particularily valuable scepter that was awarded for meritous service to a city watch captain named Godfrey Knighton.

    The captain's scepter is told to be of solid gold, with ornate jewels and diamonds, in other words valuable materials which we could break and sell separately without drawing too much attention to ourselves.

    Last few days I've been monitoring the good captain's luxurious manor, which is located just north of the City gates; an easy place to sneak in during the dark of night.

    The manor security seems lax: an archer by the main door, few guards patrolling the grounds and a couple of servants.

    It shouldn't be difficult for me to sneak in undetected, grab the scepter and other loose valuables and get out unnoticed.

    It is getting dark, I'll make my move as soon as darkness falls. This is going to be a rather simple night, with the exception of better than normal booty..


    Original Release Thread:

    Comment by the author Sotha:


    Now that this mission has been completed, I will take a long break from mapping. I hope the mission I've created will bring a lot of joy to the community and perhaps even inspire others to create new and better missions.
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    Congrats with the release, Sotha

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    Release article and images are up at Moddb

    The Knighton Manor "Released"

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    Congrats Downloading!

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    ha great mission so how the mission starts you jump over the hedge and with the 3 (drunken?) guys leaving......and the architecture is nice.....always love it when it's not full of grey and black stone....friendly colours..... so i go on......tanks, great job!

    ah yeah the briefing is written very well. while reading it gets me this feeling if its spoken like in the original games the style of using the words, so short and on the point...

    I'm still at the beginning but I know this is one of my favorite missions for TDM so far

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    Had a lot of fun playing though this mission, but had a little trouble disabling alarm! went to Darkmod forum and got some help! Thanks Sotha !!!!!

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    Another fun one. Nice to see the card game used in a mission. The attic was a cool idea. That guy gets around!

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    great as expected from the start.......all is logical great

    the weight-sensor-mechanism was great....liked it that it could be disabled by the physics engine and not by adding an object by clicking.....very nice.....please make more

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    this was a super-fun mission, thank you Sotha/Chiron!
    the two special locks were pretty cool, but not nearly enough to stop me
    I don't think it's addressed in the texts, what happened in the dining room to cause so much blood?
    is there anything special to do in the crypt, besides looting? I couldn't find any switches...
    had a little trouble with the drunken noble: when I picked the bottle from his hands and he woke up (another neat feature!) he fell through the floor and had to come up the stairs to fight me
    I tried to avenge the guy in the well by dropping the scrolls in the captain's desk, but didn't get any bonus objective notifications - not sure DM can do that yet, though it would have been nice.

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    No, the dining room has spilled wine, of course. Nothing sinister here (have you played other manor missions ) Well, except I did the same thing as you did with that unfinished letter.

    A gorgeous mission, all the nice basics, with cool scripting here and there I mean the nice puzzle, and an entry cinematic where you can start playing while it runs .

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    The Knighton Manor v1.1

    Quote Originally Posted by Sotha
    v1.1 by Tels&Sotha March 2011
    * fixed the firewood material to work with v1.04
    * the guards leaving the yard were sometimes removed before the last one could close the gate
    * the guy visiting the garden circled a few seconds before going out again
    * repaired gap in patch-way leading to pond
    * added grass via SEED
    * optimized garden and pond with SEED
    * optimized yard and windows a bit
    * set the two drunks to noshadow
    * Disturbing the cardgamers makes them to start patrolling the manor premises.
    * Some other minor tweaks

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    Mission finished

    played this on "Normal" wich made the mission gameplay short, still it was fun to play this one, the mansion is well design, it reminds me one of the mansions that i played in a fan mission for thief 1.

    Nice work Sotha

    Looking foward for more

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