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Thread: Yslide armor

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    Yslide armor

    So when I went to the dungeon to find King Lundshire, Kultur tried to kill me. According to the guide, he was supposed to help save me, and there would be some Yslide armor waiting for me.

    Since this didn't happen, anyone know where I can find some Yslide armor? I'm at level 12 in strength, and would rather not pump up my strength any further for better armor.

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    I just finished a run through of 1.21 and after the guy saves you its on the ground outside the cell for me. The only other place I know if I am remembering correctly is in the base behind the magic force field off the lake area near where you save Shany. But you have to go through several Yslide to get to it in a chest. And it should be the last area you visit to end the game. So it will be the tuffest area yet for you.

    Try loading a previous save and getting to the dungeon again. The armor should be there after you are saved and talk to the guy. Hope this helps!

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    If you don't let Kultar out of his cell, or if you attack him after, he will be your enemy and try to kill you during the invasion.

    And as Stingm says, there is a set in a chest in the Ylside bunker on level 5 which you get into from the northwest corner of level 4.

    There is a cheat that will give you a set: Back in the goblin jail, next to the table in front of your cell, there are two bones. Combining the bone on the left with the nearby chair ten times will activate the cheat. It has to be that particular bone and chair. You can't wait more than 20 seconds between each combine. The cheat will also give several other things, including some strange debug items and a special, bugged ring.

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    Thanks, I'm pretty far through the game now, so I'll probably just grab the set at the Yslide's bunker.

    Due to buggy save games, I had to restart the game all over. I did the trick in the beginning to get the armor, sword & bow, but early on I didn't have the strength or space to use or store the armor, so I put it in a barrel somewhere.

    Since I was in a hurry to get back through the game, I forgot to let Kultar out of his cell. I wasn't too concerned with the armor, since I knew I'd be getting a set later when I had the strength to wear it. What a surprise when he tried to kill me instead.

    The Yslides are still tough, but I can take them down one at a time, so going into the bunker isn't going to be too difficult.

    Thanks for the help.

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    When I get to Kultar there is no option about letting him out of his cell. Once I get through the door to the dungeon the cutscene takes over and hes out. Unless you are talking about the beginning of the game in which case I never even thought about leaving him there at that time.

    Anyway glad you made it and enjoy the rest of the game.

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    For the love of god, it's "Ylside", not "Y Slide".

    I haven't even played the game since it was first released and I still remember that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingm View Post
    Unless you are talking about the beginning of the game...
    Yes, in the goblin jail.

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