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Thread: TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jax64 View Post
    you can remove textfon.fon from "MODS\EP.crf\books\parch", "MODS\EP.crf\books\parch2", and "MODS\EP.crf\books\parch3".
    Do write back with results
    forget about this, sorry.
    Just tried as you say - and get white-colored font, lol.
    Also, looks like some parches IS translated, but some IS NOT, and showing at white-colored too.
    If you need - i can run through a game to check all the parches

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    Brilliant work on the TFix, absolutely fantastic! Thankyou for keeping this game alive! Its awesome still to this day!

    TFix - Upscaled Textures - Vorpx

    May I ask, could it be possible to disable the aspect ratio setting for the HUD? Were trying to rescale the HUD for VR.

    The theory is to have the HUD resolution higher than the games so the HUD would scale to the centre of the screen. Could that be possible can I ask?

    Thanks again for your time and hope to speak soon.
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    all hud related settings can be found in cam_ext.cfg, TFix currently doesn't use any scaling.

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    Is nobody else here experiencing jerky movement/microstuttering when walking/strafing? I have no idea what to do.

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    are you forcing something via your gpu control panel? if so, you shouldn't. or maybe you disabled v-sync in the cfg files?

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