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Thread: TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold

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    try resname_base .\patches+.\res

    what is your data source, btw? as this is TDP, I would assume a cd, if so, was the game installed properly or did you just grab the data off the media?

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    Been wondering, but why not include the sound enhancement mod like t2fix does?

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    keeping things compact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    try resname_base .\patches+.\res
    Just tried this, and I'm still having the same issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    what is your data source, btw? as this is TDP, I would assume a cd, if so, was the game installed properly or did you just grab the data off the media?
    You'd assume correctly! Sadly, the game wasn't installed properly, as the installer won't run properly on Windows 10, so I had to just grab the data off the media.

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    lets try to check the resources, in your TDP folder, you should have;
    all the mis and osm files
    do you see anything missing?

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    Nope, looks like everything's there.

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    I'll have to try to replicate the setup completely then, yaay. sometime tomorrow, most likely.

    in the meantime, try to set the setup.exe on the cd to win95 compatibility and see whether you can make the game install properly (copying the entire cd to your hdd and running the compatibility fixed setup from there may help).

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    Okay, so I've found a way to get it working to my satisfaction. I basically just did an install of TFix, with all the components to install unchecked, and then copied the original missions from the CD to the installation folder. This gave me a working version of TDP, with none of the UI issues I was experiencing before, and with the original versions of the missions intact. Tested it, and it worked like a charm!

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    oops, seems like I have forgotten about this, as it requires me sailing the high seas for a bit (in the future, feel free to poke me if I seem like I'm taking too long). anyway, doing what you did is not too recommended (very sure you will run into a few minor issues, the TFix gamesys, maps and dmls depend on one another - if you remove one of the components, there will be consequences), but I guess if it allows you to play and complete the game, then something is better than nothing.

    it is weird though - there is not way the maps could be affecting the UI in any way. I think I'm still going to try to get TDP from somewhere and see whether I can replicate the original issue.

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    So far, I don't seem to be having any issues, but a more reliable and stable way to do this would be ideal. No rush or anything, though, and thanks for being so helpful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FletcherFox View Post
    Well, that did get the game running, but I've run into a weird glitch with the options screen now. Everything's kinda' skewed weirdly, and I can't load keybinds. Here are some screenshots of the issue. Linked rather than embedded to keep them from taking up too much page space.
    ok, to finally answer this properly - if you want to manually install TDP and patch it with TFix lite (full doesn't have this problem, hence the "when using lite, you are on your own" note), you need to grab the THIEF folder off your source (CD, DVD, ISO, whatever), copy it to your hdd, then extract TFix lite into it (overwrite if prompted), then you need to construct your install.cfg (or grab it from a TFix full install), this could/should work;
    ;cd_path .\
    install_path .\
    language english+german+french
    resname_base .\patches+.\tgpatch+.\res
    load_path .\patches+.\
    script_module_path .\
    movie_path .\movies
    here I would also much recommend creating a RES folder in the root and moving all CRF files from the root there. now the final step - you will need to grab TG version of OPTIONCR.BIN (can be found in TG full INTRFACE.CRF, or the PATCHES folder INTRFACE.CRF of TFix full, extract with 7zip), then open the TFix lite PATCHES folder INTRFACE.CRF with 7zip, and copy the TG version of OPTIONCR.BIN in there, that will fix the menus. will update lite for this last step to not be required.

    easy, ain't it.

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