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Thread: TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold

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    Registered: Sep 2004
    some of the original models were simply unfinished (no neck etc), so they were replaced with ones LGS released later. the original sky is broken, and looks so horrible, that no one, and I mean absolutely no one should ever be allowed to see it again, so I have replaced it, for the sake of preventing eye cancer.

    you can "solve" this by deleting fam/mesh/obj crfs in patches folder (but leave intrface alone) if you really want, but then again, if you don't want the fixes, there is no point in installing TFix in the first place - just use the plain 1.19 patch, or, even better, play the unmodified game on a retro win98 pc, that's the way to roll, if you are a (true) purist.
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    yes, the original hand models are broken, and broken things and bugs should be fixed, no matter how original they are. even the legendary ones like ropejump death, backward mantle etc.

    yeah, having hires and lowres resources on one screen is always a problem, but not much can be done about that. however, there are not many places where this issue is too noticeable (even the cragscleft sky fits quite nicely, as I have deliberately chosen a non-photorealistic texture). and do note that even in the unmodified original, some textures look better, and some worse - when texturing stuff, this is almost unavoidable, all you can do is try to keep it within tolerable borders.

    and yeah, TFix is an evolving project, and community sanctioned projects have a good chance of being incorporated (like new versions of EP, which is already inside), as long as they stay true to the original. random textures (and packs that use them) are out of the question.

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    where to install the Tfix

    ok one question when it asks me about install folder should i choose the install folder of thief 1/gold

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    yes. you can't screw it up, the patcher won't let you continue unless it properly sees thief.exe.

    //added some extra info for purists and a link to TFix 1.10 into the first post. hope this will clear any potential confusion.
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    Curser Freeze

    Hi Guys,

    I recently installed all 3 games (all on one disc) onto an older spec PC I was given (running WXP).
    I had to get a new graphics card (one that I thought would be common to all 3 games), and had no issues with the set up of each game using the various methods to get T2 (texture mapping) and TG running (DDFix).

    Anyways - all was fine for about 6 weeks - then the MOBO went on the PC (twas ancient).

    Managed to get hold of another old spec pc, fit new graphics card, re installed the games in same way as before (I'm reasonably certain), T2 - great - no probs.
    T3 - no issues anyways apart from mouse sensitivity
    TG - game play - no issues at all
    menu screen - oops - curser freezes!

    Specs are as follows ...

    Grahics Nvidia 6200a 512mb
    Desktop Res 1360 x 768
    Thief Res 1360 x 768

    DDfix 1.3.11 installed.

    As I say, I have used the same methods for installing the series on both machines. When I play TG and finish a level, I cannot proceed and have to Ctrl Alt Del.

    Any advice please?



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    I'm sorry if I'm being dense but you mention DDFix. Does this mean that you didn't use TFix to install your TG?

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    Yeah, building on what nickie said above - you don't need DDfix anymore. Use the Tfix program with T1, which will install the new unofficial 1.19 patch, and it will likely fix all your problems. Use Tafferpatcher to install the same patch for T2 and you should be good to go.

    Btw, the cursor freezing sounds like a multicore cpu issue (which the patches mentioned above will fix).

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    indeed. I would also recommend uninstalling the game(s), deleting any leftover files, and making a new, clean install(s) before using the patcher(s).

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    Hey Guys what can I say?

    I will get right on it

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    the steam version requires an extra step, see the first post of this topic if you have that.

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    I dont think its the Steam version.

    It does say thoughthe application configuration is incorrect, so it will not start.

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    Make sure you install the latest DX9 and VC++, no matter what OS or updates you (think you) have:
    Visual Studio 2008 SP1 C++ runtimes
    DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

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    Thank you for the links.

    Where do I need to extract Direct X to, as I'm being told now that TG is "unable to locate or load d3dx9_43.dll"

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    Once you've downloaded the dirextx_June2010_redist.exe file from voodoo's link run it and choose a new empty folder for it to put the files (c:\dxinst will be fine or create a new folder off your desktop). Open that folder, find the DXSETUP application and run it. That will install the necessary DirectX runtime files centrally so you don't have to install anything from it into your Thief folder.

    Once done you can remove the DirectX installation files (i.e. remove the c:\dxinst folder if you used the above example) and you should be good to go.

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    Ok great - thank you!

    Thief Gold now works absolutely perfectly

    I have re installed T2 - installed Tafferpatch - BUT - I only have sound in Cut-scenes NOT in Menu or in-game.

    Any ideas on that please?

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    Registered: Sep 2004
    probably missing resources. check your RES folder, you should have 14 crf files there.

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    I have all 14 .crf files in the RES folder.

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    check the options, maybe the sounds are just muted. or try to select a different audio device.

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    I've taken a look at the sound device (Realtek ac 97 - yeah I did say it was an old system ) and that does not seem to have any obvious issues.

    I still had T2 on the HDD from the other pc - that has no sound now either when I try that, but was working perfectly on the other pc.

    TG works 100% though, which is great.

    And I have to say, I've been playing Thief since the demo of the Dark Project came out and I really like the look of it now, with all the enhancements that you guys have been doing over the years (I used to be a member here many moons ago - user name Jasee) and its great to see that its all still very much alive!

    Thanks to you all


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    I've meant the ingame options.

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    yeah I know - volume settings in-game are fine.

    When I perform a speaker test I get nothing. No sound at all.

    Sound is only in cutscenes/movies.

    Sound in TG is fine.

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    ok, check snd.crf (in RES), it should have over 300MB.

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    Thanks for doing this great utility for Thief gold.It works fine apart from one thing for me.When i bind the key for Walk forward and play a level,garret walks forward slowly(creeping?).Going sideways left & right and backwards are at the proper speed.Is there a way to fix this small problem.Apologies if this has come up before.Thanks for looking.


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    yeah, this is a known feature, remember, we are running T2 engine in T1 compatibility mode. try loading the "classic" control set (options/customize controls/load).

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    Yeah it has 316mb.

    I've updated the drivers for my sound device.

    Perhaps I should try reinstalling.

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