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Thread: TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold

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    yes, just a config error on my side - previous post edited.

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    I was going to say you can't do it without modifying the FM yourself due to the way those missions were set up, but voodoo beat me to it and his method is better.
    I hadn't thought of using .dml files for the skies, but that makes a lot of sense.

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    Thought I'd point out an oddity that was discussed on the Thief GoG forums.
    Fire Shadows appearing with a different model/texture.
    Link: Thief Gold - I'm pretty sure Fire Shadows aren't supposed to look like this.

    A day after reading this and the wiki entry linked there,
    I ended up catching a glimpse of the "hobo" Fire Shadow in CybeargPlays YouTube Let's Play of Down in the Bonehoard.

    I decided to setup a new Thief Gold install and see for myself.
    I get the "hobo" version of the Fire Shadow when using a clean Thief Gold install with either ddfix or NewDark installed.
    Presumably the "hobo" version would show up in a pure install too.
    When I install TFix, it seems to replace this "hobo" version with a black "wraith" texture with red eyes.

    A check with Dromed suggests the use of expris3 model for Fire Shadows and the texture for that model matches the hobo look.

    I tracked the change to TFix's DARK.GAM file.
    Swapping the TFix DARK.GAM with the original will provide a look at the "hobo" FireShadow.

    I prefer the TFix look myself.

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    this is weird - I have checked the model used in the map, and as far as I can see, it uses the dark texture. if it's really being changed by the custom gamesys, it probably means that one of the gamesys guys has made the change at some point, though I can't say I remember anyone talking about such a change. anyway, it was probably changed for a good reason - like the hobo texture being used by mistake, orphaning the proper wraith texture. I will ask around to be sure, but there is one thing I can say right away - the black wraith texture is staying, I'm not going to revert it back to the hobo texture.
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    Are you sure? I never saw the wraith texture in stock Thief. That was only in The Mystery Man FM for TDP. The wraith texture was always in the CRFs, but was never actually used. The hobo model is what it has always been, or at least, how it was on my version of Thief.


    Oh wait, I get it now. This is another one of your "fixes" because you deemed it more appropriate than the hobo texture. Nevermind. The wraith texture is definitely more scary and I guess fits better, just seems weird to change it after all these years.

  6. #756 install

    Unless I'm doing something wrong (entirely possible) TFix won't work with the version of TG I just downloaded from It doesn't seem to think I have a valid install in C:/games/Thief. My guess is it's because the only Thief executable now provides is called THIEF_ND.

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    either apply the GOG patch before using TFix, or rename the exe to thief.exe, both should allow you to run TFix.

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    I would like to ask for a small feature to be added (if at all possible). The feature that I request (I think) does not change gameplay.
    [POST EDITED: there is a gameplay changing feature, read my second post just below this one]

    I will be talking a lot about the Thief 1 controls (those that are in Options->Controls->Customize Controls...). I will surround the exact names of the current controls in single quotes for clarity (e.g. 'Walk Forward'), I will also surround the names of the new controls that I request in double quotes (e.g. "Run Toggle").

    ['Run Forward']
    In my opinion there are two issues with the current 'Run Forward' control.
    1. You must hold the key 'Run Forward' in order for Garret to run forward.
    2. Garrett runs only forward, i.e. you can not run sideways or backwards.

    ["Toggle Run"] NEW CONTROL
    This new control will remedy what I perceive as problems in the current one ('Run Forward').
    1. When you press the "Toggle Run" key, Garret will always run (i.e. you do not need to hold the key). When you press again the key Garret will just walk (normal speed).
    2. Garret can run in all directions, forwards, sideways and backwards. [POST EDITED: this is part of the request is deprecated]

    ['Speed Toggle'] -> ["Hold Creep"]
    You must hold this control in combination with 'Walk Forward', 'Run Forward', 'Backwards', 'Slide Left' or 'Slide Right' to achieve the desired movement speed. Consider renaming the current control 'Speed Toggle' To "Hold Creep".

    ["Toggle Creep"] NEW CONTROL
    Proposition: Add new control which allows to actualy toggle the speed, i.e. once "Toggle Creep" is pressed all movement will be slower accordingly and when pressed again all movement will be normal speed.

    ['Walk Forward'] -> ["Walk Forward Slowly"]
    For some reason this control has a different (slower) speed from the other movement-direction controls.
    'Walk Forward' = slowly walk forward.
    'Backward' = 'Slide Left' = 'Slide Right' = walk in different directions.
    I also propose to change the name of this control to "Walk Forward Slowly" (just like in Thief 2) and the new control to be called "Walk Forward" (new).

    ["Walk Forward" (new)] NEW CONTROL
    'Walk Forward" (new) = 'Backward' = 'Slide Left' = 'Slide Right' = walk in different directions.
    [the word (new) is not part of the actual name, but it is here to remind that this is a different control from the current one that has the same name]

    [How Things Will Function]
    Let me show you how I see things, but first read some explanations:

    1. Remember that when either "Toggle Run" or "Toggle Creep" is pressed it will forever change the movement speed until "Toggle Run" or "Toggle Creep" are pressed again.
    2. Note that in each example "Toggle Run" or "Toggle Creep" have never been pressed beforehand, i.e. examples are not consecutive.
    3. On your left side you have the current controls, in the middle (everything between = = is the middle) you have the movement which these controls will perform, on the right side you have the new controls that achieve the same movement behavior shown in the middle.
    4. These are just some of the possible combinations of the movement controls, i.e. I do not show how the current controlls will interact with the new ones. I only show how the current ones interact with each other and only how the new ones interact with each other (e.g. I do not show how 'Run Forward' will interact with "Toggle Run").
    5. 'Hold Crouch'/'Toggle Crouch' moving is omitted for simplicity.

    [Running Speed]
    'Run Forward' = run forward = "Toggle Run", after that hold "Walk Forward" (new).
    N/A = run backward = "Toggle Run", after that hold 'Backward'. [POST EDITED: This line and the following 2 lines are deprecated]
    N/A = run left = "Toggle Run", after that hold 'Slide Left'.
    N/A = run right = "Toggle Run", after that hold 'Slide Right'.

    [Walking Speed]
    'Run Forward' + 'Speed Toggle' = walk forward = 'Walk Forward" (new).
    'Backward' = walk backward = 'Backward'.
    'Slide Left' = walk left = 'Slide Left'.
    'Slide Right' = walk right = 'Slide Right'.

    [Slowly Walking Speed - Creep]
    'Walk Forward' = slowly walk forward = "Toggle Creep", after that hold "Walk Forward" (new).
    'Backward' + 'Speed Toggle' = slowly walk backward = "Toggle Creep", after that hold 'Backward'.
    'Slide Left' + 'Speed Toggle' = slowly walk left = "Toggle Creep", after that hold 'Slide Left'.
    'Slide Right' + 'Speed Toggle' = slowly walk right = "Toggle Creep", after that hold 'Slide Right'.

    [Slide - No Walking]
    'Walk Forward' + 'Speed Toggle' = very slow, no-walking movement = "Toggle Creep", after that hold "Walk Forward Slowly".

    [Possible Problems]
    1. I propose that the 'Run Forward' interact with "Toggle Run", the same way 'Hold Crouch' currently interacts with 'Toggle Crouch', i.e. when 'Toggle Crouch' is pressed and after that 'Hold Crouch' is pressed, 'Hold Crouch' will toggle (switch off) 'Toggle Crouch'. The same goes for the current 'Speed Toggle'/"Hold Creep" (new) and "Toggle Creep".

    2. When pressing "Toggle Run" and "Toggle Creep" (no matter the order) the last one should toggle (switch off) the previous one.

    Something important I think should be pointed out. I do not request that the new controls be added and the old ones removed (just renamed or if renaming them will break backward compatibility with any binding configuration files, just name the new controls something different from what I propose). I simply do not like how the current controls work so I request new ones in addition to the current ones.

    Something even more important that I need to say is that this is a request and certainly not a demand!

    Thank you for your patience, demonstrated in reading all of this.

    (100% off topic request)
    Could someone please tell me from where I can download the leaked Thief 2 Source Code?
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    I apologize for my request, because one of the features that I requested actually changes the gameplay. I am talking about the "Toggle Run" control.

    I wondered why Looking Glass did not add a way that allows the player to run in other directions except forwards, this is also true for Thief 2. But Thief 2 has many bug fixes and improvements not present in Thief 1 (e.g. you can not bunny hop, you have a control for the 'Speed Potion', etc) so they could not have just missed this. I came to the conclusion, that they did not allow the player to run in any other direction except forwards because that is an intentional constraint.

    I can only speculate why they choose to impose this intentional constraint. I believe that this is so because in real life you can not truly run sideways or backwards. I have seen a person run backwards once in my entire life and his speed was significantly slower compared to when running forwards.

    All that being said, I still believe that a "Run Toggle" should be added, but it should only toggle the speed of Garret's forward movement.

    Again I apologize for not noticing this gameplay-changing perversion.

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    I do not plan to look into this anytime soon - I still have bigger fish to fry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    I do not plan to look into this anytime soon - I still have bigger fish to fry.
    This is a lot better reply from what I expected. This would mean that sometime in the future the features that I requested may be added, which is I all asked for.

    Thank you for even considering my request.
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    I discovered a lot of bugs in some T1 maps and the engine (unpatched and patched T1). So, can I report it (these bugs) here, or in other topic? Please for forbearance, because that is my first post.

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    TFIX/Dromed Question

    I am using TDP and installed

    Gold Patch (2275_tgpatch_basic)
    TFIX 1.16

    I am playing FM's using the above which is great. I now want to install Dromed for TDP which I have used before but not with TFIX. Can I just install Dromed now? I have a funny feeling I have to install TDP, then Dromed then TFIX.


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    yes, if you notice a map issue, and are already using TFix, you can report it here. nice bundles which include screenshots, quicksaves and short descriptions are preferred.

    do not use 2275_tgpatch_basic, it's not compatible, just use the latest TFix beta (17b2 or newer), the essential files from the patch are integrated.

    the proper order is Thief, TFix, Dromed Basic Toolkit.
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    There is an option in cam_ext.cfg called d3d_disp_enable_distortionfx. i tried both on and off state,but i couldn't notice any difference. The descripton says:"enable screen distortion effects, like chipped glass or heat distortion from fire arrows"

    I didn't see any heat haze effects.

    I expected something like this at 0:42 :

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    Here are a bugs, that I discovered (+ description):


    A mission "Return to the Cathedral" in below than 3 minutes and with all 3 objectives. Still works with NewDark.


    A mage.


    Archer's fear.


    Infinitely long active holy water arrow. Still works with NewDark.


    Arrow glitch in mission "Assassins". Still works with NewDark.


    A forced death. Still works with NewDark.


    A elevator bug. Only need to run forward.


    A double fire arrow.


    Using switch through gate. Still works with NewDark.


    A deaf mage.

    I recorded all of these videos. Soon more videos about bugs.
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    some of those are indeed mission bugs which I can fix, but not sure about the hardcore exploits. we'll see.

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    IMO the most problematic bug is in the 10. video (elevator bug). If the player will be runs forward, the elevator will absorb the player under his base. This elevator bug is possible only in patched Thief, in unpatched there is no elevator bug. In the same video at the moment 1:32 there is a partial-secret chamber, that is at the fire tower.

    BTW: Keyholing to air tower and earth tower is still possible (but for some reason impossible to fire tower) by using slowdown (I used program Cpukiller3).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xmodule999 View Post
    Here are a bugs, that I discovered:

    I recorded all of these videos. Soon more videos about bugs.
    Fantastic job.

    How come the Mods missed these bugs? All these years we should focus on bugs, glitches MORE than just graphical enhancements.

    When such bugs show their ugly face it's too embarrassing to miss them and play even after so many years.

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    most of those are hardcore exploits, not something the regular player runs into. one rule of the dark engine - if you are dead set on glitching it out, you will succeed. there is no way all edge case issues can be found and fixed.

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    About my 8. video: my proposition is - expand this entry at the moment 1:58 (for easier acces), and stem this hole at the moment 2:35. 100% arrows would be with this one moss arrow (at the bottom, I grabbed it at the moment 1:26).

    BTW: about mission "Assassins" - if the player will shoting the "assasin with sword" by water arrow, this assassins will not stopping by the route. It's done in my video "Thief Gold (NewDark) - single segment speedrun [time 55:57]".
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    I'll probably do that, but I'm not going to work on TFix maps before the first beta of SCP is released.

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    More about my first video - currently assistance for Murus is absolutely redundant. Maybe one should delete his from map . That is probably a glitch, more of my videos as a proof: , ,

    EDIT: There is a other possible route in Thief 1 - A Keeper's Training mission (by climbing to wall) done in my speedrun

    A rope death bug as if is still possible (one cannot catch the rope) in video

    I'm not sure if that is important, but in Cragscleft there is a "high" brush, that stops the player from walking
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    Thief Gold, patch version: TFix_1.17b2.exe.

    Down In The Bonehoard, the room before the one in which the The Mystic's Soul is found.
    The Fire Shadow (undead enemy) is stuck in the entrance to the water tunnel.

    I apologize if this bug has already been reported.

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    it might have wandered there, things like that do happen sometimes. I will try to make it avoid the hole.

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