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Thread: Dead Money indeed coming to PC

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    Dead Money indeed coming to PC

    In less than three weeks.

    I won't be buying this the first go for two reasons: one, I'm not playing any DLC until all of it's out and I can play it all on my second round (won't be a problem given my long play cycle: play FO game, wait a few months, play next game, etc. so it'll be at least a year before I play NV again) and two I'll probably actually be finished with the game by the time this thing comes out.

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    Has anyone here played Dead Money on X-Box yet? How is it?

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    I keep reading this thread title as "Dead Monkey".

    As a SS2 survivor, this always leaves me a little disappointed.

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    dead money is now available on steam, so I guess it's available worldwide....I will still wait for the NV:GOTY containing all DLC, I won't make the same mistake like I did with FO and its 4 DLC.

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    Soon as I'm done with Fallout 2 I'll be getting this.

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    So, Honest Hearts is out (as of the 17th May). Any opinions yet? By the way, 3 more DLC epsodes are due this summer, culminating in a probable October release for the GotY edition.

    Oh, and PC/console releases are all simultaneous.

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    Old World Blues releases July 19th. Radscorpion droids?

    We’ve received plenty of inquiries asking when we’ll be releasing Fallout: New Vegas’s third DLC, Old World Blues. Today I can confirm the content will release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on Tuesday, July 19th.

    Prior to release, we will release a new title update for New Vegas. Along with adding support for Old World Blues, the update will bring improvements to performance and stability in major areas.

    We’ll also be releasing a new trailer for Old World Blues in the coming weeks. I’ve already seen an early version, and it’s crazy awesome. Until then, today we’re releasing new screenshots on our Facebook or Flickr pages.

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