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Thread: What are you making?

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    Thanks for playing and giving feedback, Duat, Tomi and Sulph!

    Reposting my GGJ game since we're on a new page:

    Yeah how to get the baby to smile is supposed to be opaque of course, but if anyone wants a peek at the underlying systems:

    First off, the notes on the camera explain the parents wishes for what background and hat the baby should have. These each make up 10% of your final score. The other 80% is made up by the baby's Overall Mood, which is governed by 3 invisible meters connected to 3 random toys. Once you've identified which toys the baby likes you should frantically click on the mobiles or wave the toys around in front of the baby to fill up those invisible meters. Each meter keeps draining constantly, so once the baby stops responding to one, go to the next. Loop through them all quickly to get the baby's mood as high as possible, then snap a photo.

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    I think I figured out most of that, even if I didn't know about the invisible meters.

    What worked for me was to pick up each toy, see if it shows the positive reaction sparkles, then wave it in the baby's face until the sparkles stop, then switch to a different toy.
    And sometimes the baby also likes the mobile on the right, but never on the left.
    At the end, just keep switching toys quickly.

    The highest score I managed to get was 90%.


    Speaking of the Global Game Jam, I also worked on a game for it!
    This is a short narrative game called Laugh Café, where people come into the café looking to be cheered up, and you have to tell them jokes to make them laugh!

    Download here:

    Sorry, Unreal doesn't support a web player, so it's download-only.

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    I like how when you choose a response that's just a little too obnoxious, you can still tell the patron's going whatever the polite equivalent of 'wanker' is in their head even though they have no faces. Also, I gotta say props for having the emo goth revert to his sad hunch as he walks out after he laughs. And your VA man was having fun doing those voices, huh.

    Two technical things: Norton (yes yes, I know) flagged it as a possible network threat, and it made my GPU fans spin up to max. Vsync, framecap by default?

    Bonus: I found the outgoing patron bumping into the incoming one oddly endearing as they shuffle-slide against each other to get to where they're going, but you could probably avoid that by setting the spawn timing out a bit if that wasn't intentional.

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    Glad you liked it!

    A lot of those things were unintentional (hunched walk on the way out, bumping into each other), but they were kind of funny so I don't mind.

    The fan spin-up is a bit annoying, oversight of building it on a laptop set to quiet mode so I didn't notice.

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    retexturing most of the armors, weapons, shields in Morrowind. I love modding this game, such a hassle free experience in comparison to almost anything else.

    I also did a new face for the orc. uh, it's hard to know where to stop lol... I wake up at 8-9 then i mod to late in the night. eventually i'll get burned out, it happens again and again heh

    over 120 items are retextured now.

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    After more than two years since I began working on this idea, I am finally able to launch a public demo for our Crow game!

    Play as little crow trying to prove her worth to the world! Make new friends, use variety of tools, and traumatize some hoomans in your way

    You can grab the demo here on Steam.

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    Hot DEALZ for the creatives here:

    Affinity is 50%! If you're in the market for some subscription-free Photoshop & Illustrator alternatives.

    And Blender Marking is celebrating 10 years by giving away some tools.

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    Bunny Garden got a big polish update! It's a cute, one-level stealth game with hand-painted watercolor graphics. Collect all the carrots and return to your burrow to win! Give it a try (free to play in browser, only takes a few minutes to play through):

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    This one is still very satisfying to play. Nice job!

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    Bunny Garden now has items you can collect and use to help escape with the veggies!

    - Falcon Feather gives you +1 Move every turn you carry it

    - Sprint Mint can be consumed to gain +4 Move for that turn only

    - Armored Vest saves you from a single attack (and is destroyed)

    - Spore Pod can be thrown to place low cover nearby

    This isn't a lot, for sure, but it's chosen as a vertical slice of the items; one item that affects you while carrying it, one item you have to use, one item that's triggered, and one item that's thrown manually. The vest and pod further required a lot of work on the underlying systems so that they could function. It wasn't previously possible for terrain to change! Or for an attack to be survived. A ton of work (and a lot of debugging) went into making those items work correctly, or rather into making the world around them react appropriately without breaking.

    I also added the dialog box system, the tooltip system, and the bunny portrait.

    Next up, I plan on adding the ability to have two or three bunnies instead of just one. You'll have to rescue them first, though.

    Play free in browser:

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