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Thread: What are you making?

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    Those are some awesome shots. Reminds me a lot of Arx Fatalis.

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    I would like to post another update this time in form of a Video.
    I am really making a heavily thief inspired game here and you can now judge that!

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    I can definitely see the inspiration from Thief. Looking very nice.

    It would be especially awesome in VR :-)

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    Oh yea, definitely feels Thief++

    For when our game inevitably gets pirated, I'm ready

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    Since making LGS-inspired games is the thing to do here, I can announce that I was also prototyping one, last summer.

    That's right, a game inspired by "Wildwaters", the N64 kayaking game that got cancelled when LGS shut down.

    I was making it as a third person VR game, with the hand-inputs translated from your local position to that of your character. Kinda fun, pretty wonky. To really complete the LGS-tribute this one has also been cancelled, I'm not gonna finish it. You'll just have to dream about what might've been.

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    How did I make it this long here without ever learning that LGS was working on an N64 kayaking game? I always thought their belly-up project was the '60s themed spy game.

    I mean I guess it makes sense. They were originally a flight sim developer (in the neighborhood?) and no doubt they needed the cash.

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    hahah henke that is a joy to watch, flailing man ahoy!

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    New blog post, my 2020 recap:

    Read all about the final months of Stilt Fella's development and release, what else I've been up to this year, and some glimpses at THE FUTURE.

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