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Thread: What are you making?

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    Needs more blood.

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    Haha Brethren, earlier builds of the game were quite a bit more bloody. Don't worry, I'll include a gore toggle somewhere in the options.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thirith View Post
    Open world?!
    Naah. I was originally gonna go with a classic linear arcade level-structure where you have limited continues, but that's not a great fit since players would have to replay early levels a lot and there's not much randomness to keep things fresh. Instead I'll go with one where levels are self-contained units and you can earn 1-3 stars per level, with enough stars required to unlock the next set of levels. Y'know, like Trackmania or Trials or whatever.

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    Oooh... I guess I'll cancel my order for fanmade "Stilt Fella MMO" shirts then

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    German ‘90s mode where the kids are robots and/or have green blood! Or, when they’re run over, they could just sit down and shake their heads in dismay.

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    Alternatively, a mode where the car is completely wrecked when it runs into the kids.

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    Huh, German '90s mode to me always meant a haxxor title screen in German with bouncing leet speak, a mile long handle appreciation scroll, and "option 2. unendlich Leben", all set to 8-bit pwn music -- that would take me 45 minutes to download on my squealing 200 baud C64 modem. XD

    Es tut mir Leid, fond memories of a bygone age...

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    Still working on this thing, for some reason.

    Just uploaded the very first Steam beta build and requested a pile of beta tester keys. If anyone wants to try this thing out, gimme a shout! It's got nine levels, leaderboards and a rich narrative about a man named Crossing Guard Joe.

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    Oh, I wanna try! Is there an achievement for getting them all squished? (I may not be understanding this game properly.)

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    Is Crossing Guard Joe related to Stilt Fella?

    Is this an expansion of the Stiltverse?

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    Kinda. "Stilt Fella" exists in the world of Crossing Guard Joe as a best selling video game that everyone loves. In other words this is a highly realistic game.

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    I just remembered I can officially say what I'm working on, though I can't go into details on what I'm doing on it beyond programming but here it is! River City Girls 2!

    There is no release date for it beyond 2022, but look forward to it!

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