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Thread: What are you making?

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    What are you making?

    So this is the thread where you discuss your creative gaming-related endeavors, be it mods, addons, and games you are making.

    And I'll start off with:

    An unnamed rogue-like in c++ using sdl and opengl, it's a bit of an inspiration of dwarf fortress and minecraft, with the focus being on a more condensed and detailed experience with plans of a mode where you build dungeons with puzzles and things that you can share around.

    A starcraft 2 mod that just uses ui-scripting which functionally still retains multiplayer capabilities:

    Old c++ with sdl + opengl project with civ/col/smac style gameplay, it's been a learning project and the basis of many a headaches, since I'm still learning alot of concepts I've never touched before in programming, entity-systems, event systems and what not.

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    Advoc* and I have been throwing our game ideas at one another, and seeing what sticks.

    8:45 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: Let's just say VtM: Bloodlines flirted with a few ideas I had
    8:45 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: not the Vampire shit
    8:46 AM - Advoc: yeah Dead Space flirted with a few of mine
    8:46 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: just the interactions
    8:46 AM - Advoc: ah
    8:46 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: and the fact that it is in MODERN DAY
    8:46 AM - Advoc: yeah, not a lot of modern day rpgs
    8:46 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: but it won't be all shootery
    8:47 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: it'll still be melee focused
    8:47 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: as mankind has reverted back to living off of the land
    8:47 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: and NO
    8:47 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: IT ISN'T POSTAPOCOLYPTIC
    8:47 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: LOL
    8:47 AM - Advoc: lol
    8:47 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: technology has simply become 'illegal'
    8:47 AM - Advoc: yeah mine isn't centred around an evil megacorporation
    8:48 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: and fazed out
    8:48 AM - Advoc: avoid the cliche lol
    8:48 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: and forgotten about
    8:48 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: eventually
    8:48 AM - Advoc: neat idea
    8:48 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: see I imagine time going backwards
    8:48 AM - Advoc: FP? 3P?
    8:49 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: like the history books in this world post illegal status
    8:49 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: will read like WILD WEST, Then REV WA, THEN
    8:49 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: REV. WAR
    8:49 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: then middle ages
    8:49 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: that's where our story picks up
    8:50 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: where we have reverted back to middle ages
    8:50 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: and someone finds an ANCIENT artifact of the 21st century
    8:50 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: begins to worship it
    8:50 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: and unlock it's 'secrets'
    8:50 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: that kinda thing
    8:50 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: basically
    8:51 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: he's the bad guy, btw :)
    8:51 AM - Advoc: cool
    8:51 AM - Advoc: I'd play it
    8:51 AM - Advoc: I'll help if you want too :)
    8:52 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: it is the job of protagonist to go around and prevent this old tech. from falling into the wrong hands and preserving the harmony
    8:52 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: it was born out of my love for history
    8:52 AM - Advoc: its intriguing
    8:52 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: I can't figure out what perspective though
    8:52 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: 3rd or 1st
    8:53 AM - Darth Gunsmoke: I go back and  forth

    *Volitions Advocate around these parts

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    I made a "realistic" weapons mod for Arsenal mod for the AMK mod for SoC.
    I also made one for Complete.
    That's about it.

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    I <3 consoles and gamepads

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    Are working for Fatshark?

    I'm just curious because Fatshark consists of former Grin employees and you've mentioned that you worked for the latter (before they were closed).

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvaUnit02 View Post

    Are working for Fatshark?

    I'm just curious because Fatshark consists of former Grin employees and you've mentioned that you worked for the latter (before they were closed).
    Some guys were shifted over to fatshark, but most headed other ways, I'm at interwave studios now.

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    A shameless advertisement:

    Currently I'm doing some config tweaking but I've done textures, materials and some modeling too.

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    I started a top-down "French Revolution" sim, with a City-economy sandbox (Elite like) along for the ride.

    I started on Unity, but I love the art of the 1739 Map of Paris, which would make it 2.5D and I don't know if that's great for Unity, also not sure if it's great for all the bot & economy simulating. (I read that it has its own scripting language you have to learn & work with.) But I like that you have the whole game in front of you, really fun to work with. I like just being able to plop my guy & some bots down in the world and watch them run around right off.

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    I'm working on a triple-A title for PC, X360, and PS3.

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    Woah - "AAA" and Arkane don't seem to match, not because of quality but because of company size. Is it considered an AAA title because of budget, or pedigree?

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    The Architect
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    We're part of ZeniMax now, is why.

    (and in case this comes as a surprise to you, it's actually plastered all over our jobs page.

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    No, most around here know that, I but I just assumed your team was still relatively small and Zemimax was more in the background. Anyway, enough of this thread derail.

    Back on track, I'm working on my first Dark Mod mission. Yeah, stop the presses, it won't exactly be COSAS or anything, but I'm finding the editor incredibly easy to use and I'm surprised more people (especially Dromeders) aren't giving it a shot. What's weird is less than 20% of the existing TDM misisons released were made by someone who previously made a Thief FM, the rest are new authors.

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    This is slightly off-topic, as you've phrased the thread so that it asks what you're currently working on, rather than also including random rubbish you've made in the past.

    I've written a few simple games as college projects over the last few years. All of them were working to a given extent, but generally weren't amazingly playable. All of them were written in C++ and using OpenGL 3D. I generally had enough of them by the time they were due for submission, and never touched them afterwards, let alone continued work on them to turn them into something actually playable.

    The first was a simple puzzle game similar to Chip's Challenge. A simple square world with step-based movement, where your main ability was being able to push blocks around, possibly into holes to fill them and be able to walk over them. There were also keys to open doors, deadly spikes, and boots that let you walk over spikes without dying.

    It also featured an editor mode that let you change the height of the floor, apply textures, place objects and ladders, etc.

    Downloads "Puzzler"

    The second game I made was meant to be a first-person puzzle game in a style similar to The Lost Vikings, where you could freely swap between controlling three robots with different skills. One could fly, one could destroy things with its laser, and one could hack computer terminals. The game used Newton Game Dynamics for physics, which was a pain and a half. Levels were basically a single .3ds file containing the terrain. There was no editor, and only one simple level, because that was basically when I ran out of enthusiasm for the project. It did have working first-person controls with mouselook, and working physics - you could fall down holes, and push balls around the place for no particular reason, before switching to the laser robot and blasting them to pieces for, again, no real reason. It also had some sound, but nothing amazing. It didn't handle very well. The field of view felt odd.

    <img src="" width="800" height="624">
    <img src="" width="800" height="624">

    Download "Robots"

    The third was a real-time strategy game. Since having actual animated characters was a bit beyond my comprehension, the player got to control triangle-shaped units instead of anything with moving parts, fighting evil robots consisting of the leftover robot model from the previous game. There was no actual AI for the enemy apart from individual unit AI, so I just randomly generated a map with some resource clusters, some impassable terrain, and random enemies placed around the level. All the information about units and buildings was read in from xml files. The player could build a headquarters structure, harvest resources, train attack triangles, etc. The units used A* pathfinding to reach their destinations, and would automatically engage enemies that came too close, following for a distance but turning back if they went too far. It also had working fog-of-war. I actually put together a video showing the game off for when I was presenting the project, so I may as well throw that up on YouTube if anyone's interested, and can bear the fact that the text descriptions of what's happening imply that the viewer is a moron.
    I was particularly happy with the way units explode on death and the buildings are constructed.

    Promotional video

    Download "RTS"

    My Thief missions were all far more interesting/fun/playable, I think.
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    Hey NV, how about uploading those games somehwhere? The puzzle one looks like it might be fun.

    I'm making a sidescrolling racing game in Unity and also I'm making a Flashgame called "Coco on the Pogo" in which you play a clown on a pogostick.

    And by "making" I mean opening up the work files once every half a year and poking around at things for a while before going "fuck this" and returning to playing xbox.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wille View Post
    Nice! Does that just change the models and textures for ArmA2 or does it change dialogue to Finnish as well?

    I stopped playing ArmA2 a little bit after the first mission, maybe this is the thing that'll get me playing it again.

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    My team for a game software development course is working on a turn-based strategy based on miniature wargames like Warhammer and board games like Squad Leader. The final version is due this Friday so I'll probably put it on the Internet then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Hey NV, how about uploading those games somehwhere? The puzzle one looks like it might be fun.
    Uploaded the games and added links to the earlier post. I also linked in the video for the RTS game.

    Bear in mind that they're all more tech demos than actual games. The puzzle game is fully working, but only has a handful of levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldron
    Man, your pixel art stuff is the best. If Dwarf Fortress had the style of your little rogue-like, I'd be playing it obsessively to this day. And the colony game...hell...I'd love to play it just on looks alone. Props, sir.

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    I'm currently not working on anything, though I plan (if the guy I tend to do joint programming game related projects with gets off his butt and gets the motivation to want to work on it) to work on a Pacman remake. Otherwise I might try my hand at doing either a scrolling shooter or a platformer in GameMaker.

    Projects completed/worked on in this past:

    Space Invaders:

    This was my most recent project which was intended as a good way of bettering my + my friends programming skills. Originally we had openAL for audio but later switched to SDL when my uni games studio group switched audio engines to that. Was a damn good learning experience in setting up enemy movement, transitions, player & enemy hit detection, and later works to get the sound working properly and setting up a high score + options setting save system inplace.

    A lot of it resulted in code I can re-use in later projects which was the mega bonus of alot of it.


    This next game I mentioned over in the "what are you playing" thread, which is of a sci-fi FPS game done in unity for one of my uni subjects.

    My job on the group assignment was to do the final level of the game (as seen in the above screen shot), do some of the models for the game (ammo, scenery based objects etc). One of the tunes I did for Bipolar (a game I'll speak on later) was in the beta version of the game, but later removed when we put in unreal tournament music for the 4 levels present in the game.

    Overall the game is ok. ALOT better than the initial beta version which had several hit detection issues and issues with enemy AI. A good assignment game, but not a game that I would call good in any shape or form. Was fun to learn basic unity stuff though.

    ASCII Battleships:

    Not much to say on this one. The second assignment I had for "c++ programming" in second year uni was to make an ASCII version of battleships that would allow for a player to play against an AI opponent with saving of the game state occurring after each turn. All in all a good learning experience.


    Bipolar is another university related game that I was part of the group in developing. The subject ran for a full year and my role on the project was of lead game designer, though I voluntarily expanded this to assistant programmer, online promotions person, online independent games competitions research person, music composer and sound effects work. I went all out with this game. My work on this one included:

    * Developing 26 of the 50 levels
    * Making 3 of the 4 music tracks in the game + a bonus track used in the youtube trailer we did for the game
    * Development of the initial sound engine we initially used, which used openAL.
    * Development of the initial custom openGL fonts system for the game used.
    * Production/acquisition and implementing of all the sounds in the game

    As gameplay isn't immediately obvious on looking at the above 2 screenshots of the game, the gameplay of Bipolar involves moving your cube (or whatever shape you choose) about puzzle based levels using the powers of magnetism (negative & positive) to propel away and attract to platforms to reach the end of the level and proceed to the next. The game not only comes with just the levels we did but also a level editor to encourage fans to go on and create their own levels. My studio group has kept in touch since uni finished and we might be getting a deal with a games company in Melbourne to develop the game further + publish it. Fingers crossed on that one .

    What I loved about my time on this game was that for a change I got to work on game/level design for a change rather than just doing programming all the time. This project also helped me decide what job I'd most want to do in the games industry (I was deciding between programming and game design) if I can manage to get a job in there.

    We even entered the game into the recent Independent Games Festival (or IGF) in both the student and commercial categories but sadly didn't make it into the finals of either category. I could type a book length post on Bipolar so I'll stop there on that one, but just lastly add that this was and still is the best game that I've so far worked on in my lifetime.



    Other games I worked on included:

    * ASCII Tic Tac Toe
    * ASCII Black Jack
    * A Text adventure remake of a Fighting Fantasy Gamebook called "Space Assassin" done in Dark Basic (unfinished).
    * A Castlevania based RPG done in RPGMaker 2000 (unfinished).
    * Game of Life done in direct X.
    * Rescue Mission. A very basic style naval ship game where you sail around, attempting to rescue a princess captured by pirates. Done in openGL and was my first real experience with having to code AI for enemies and NPCs.

    * A creature building game in which your aim is to build a monster before the computer or your opponents do. Set in a fantasy medieval setting, and done in Flash.

    As well as creating levels for:
    * Doom 2 (7 levels and 1 unfinished one)
    * System Shock 2 (1 FM called Ancient and 1 unfinished which was named "Alone")
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    I made a version of Magic the Gathering for the Vassal Engine.

    This is on my netbook's tiny screen & I zoomed out, so that's why it's small in the screenshot. When you mouse-over the cards, a full sized image pops up so you can read them.

    I was getting so tired of all the other versions out there holding my hand, telling me what cards I can and can't play and moving them for me. So I just made my own version where you can freely move the cards however you want like a real card game, but you can still load & save decks and it manages the players' hands, etc. And it's multiplayer so I can play with a friend.

    I have a version with all 10K+ cards, about 200MB, but it doesn't run well on my netbook because of memory limits (I should test it on a more powerful computer; maybe it'd run fine), so I usually run a lite version, about 1500 cards IIRC, which is fine for quick & casual games. This is one homebrew that I actually play a lot.

    Edit: Also worth mentioning if you're following the Dark Mod, for 1.04 (coming soon!) I fixed some bugs in the zone-ambient sound system (which I wrote to begin with), and I revamped the Stealth Score system so you actually get a meaningful score, and added stats on the actual alerts you get. I'm happy about it, though the "Spotted" alert doesn't want to behave (not my fault!) so needs a little more work to squeeze a meaningful stat out of it. I also have an FM in the works too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    Uploaded the games and added links to the earlier post. I also linked in the video for the RTS game.
    I tried the first 2 ones. Is it possible to beat the level in Robots? The only robot I managed to get across the gap was FlyBot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    I tried the first 2 ones. Is it possible to beat the level in Robots? The only robot I managed to get across the gap was FlyBot.
    It won't register any kind of a win, but the goal is to get through the door on the side where you start. You can use/activate computer consoles with the right mouse button to get there.

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    Just got through playing NV's Puzzler. It was pretty cool. Reminded me that there aren't nearly enough Chip's Challenge type of games around these days. With a little bit of work animations, it could turn out as something special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Nice! Does that just change the models and textures for ArmA2 or does it change dialogue to Finnish as well?

    I stopped playing ArmA2 a little bit after the first mission, maybe this is the thing that'll get me playing it again.
    Our mod adds a new faction called FDF and soldiers under FDF will all speak Finnish. However we have only redubbed the most important radio voices so don't expect those (useless) conversation choices to be translated. All lines that are not dubbed will still work but you won't hear anything. We also have our own campaign coming up that should feature more reliable and simple missions like in OFP.

    And since there hasn't been any news about future ARMA style games, we'll keep updating our mod by adding new things and squishing bugs.

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    Since folks have been talking about what they have made, as opposed to what they are making, I'll be including that in my post. But a couple of the projects continue to be worked on. So, technically I still am making something.

    In the past, I tried creating some maps for games that all reached various states of completion before I gave up on them. (Notably: Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Jedi Outcast.)

    It wasn't until TRON 2.0 that I actually completed and released a couple of maps. The fact that you could get away with simple, abstract environments meant it was much easier to create a map that people would still accept. Though they weren't necessarily the most attractive, I did try to break the mold by creating maps which had unusual gameplay elements and a lot of special effects. They were probably some of the most advanced maps, early on in the game's lifetime.

    I created a self-installing multiplayer map pack for TRON 2.0 with my maps (they were called Capture the Bit and Deathtrap), and all the others ever released.

    I also created a tool to help install and manage the maps, called REZ Handler. I was planning an all new version called REZ Handler 2.0 that would have dramatically increased the scope of its functionality to include: browsing and joining multiplayer servers from outside the game, automatically downloading maps, a global chat lobby for players to meet and plan games, etc. But I don't think I'm ever going to finish it. If anyone has TRON 2.0 installed right now, you can download a pre-alpha and mess around with it.

    The major projects I've worked on were also for TRON 2.0. A couple of mods called User Error and the Killer App Mod. I was a member in the teams that worked on both.

    I created the installer and a mod manager tool for Killer App, and also did a lot of game fixes, tweaks, implemented widescreen, and so on. For User Error, I'm working on an updated version to make it self-installing, fix bugs, and make it work better with Killer App so it too has proper widescreen support. But until now, I've done very little on User Error.

    KA and UE2 promo video

    After I finish working on the updated User Error, I've been thinking about creating widescreen mods for NOLF 1, NOLF 2, and Contract JACK.

    Then I'll go back to working on Killer App. Still got big plans for a future update.
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    Wow, we make a lot of stuff...

    I may be making a (possibly four dimensional) labrat maze type game using C++, OpenGL and SDL over the next three months as part of my games development module. May post screenshots and progress when we get it out of concept...

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    I guess I could show (or reshow) some of the stuff I've been working on recently.

    First off, the depot group I did for my NWN tileset. I posted this one a couple of months back

    ...and the dirt trails and cliffs I've done for the tileset recently. I've already nixed and redone these cliffs, but I don't want to show them off because the textures aren't finished for them yet

    ...and this skull, which I started last night. I can sculpt organic models decently enough, but I want to be able to polygon model them, because of the extra control I have over the overall shape. So far, it's been pretty damn difficult getting the contours right, and having the topology flow smoothly over it all so I can add more detail in later.

    I've also been poking and prodding a ship for Muzman over the last...oh god...6 months or so. I pretty well suck at doing spaceships, so it's been slow, slow going. The good thing is Modo 501 adds in Pixar subdivision surfaces, which'll make doing this far easier than it was. I'm gonna start it again soon, and see what I come up with.

    This is it so far. I wish I had more time to model, so I could learn this stuff faster.
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