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Thread: Thief Gold HD Texture Mod

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    not too complicated I'm guessing, particle effects are just settings on the objects and (iirc) a few texture files. an actual minimod would have to be created though, just moving some files around would not be enough.

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    I'm running the game on Ubuntu Linux 23.04 via Lutris and once I've installed the mod pack the game got very choppy, it freezes every few seconds as if loading something, it's nearly unplayable.

    Did anyone encounter the same issue and solved it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gecko View Post
    Try to run 'NewDark Graphics Settings' as Administrator. It is possible that it is activated by the current TFix version. I have not checked this.
    I have the same issue; the on-screen blood fx is present, even if the setting is "off" in the config. Admin privileges didn't help. What are the texture files associated with his effect, so that I may remove them manually?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oregano View Post
    After testing Thief 1 and 2 with EP2, Necro Age and the HD Mod, I finally settled with Necro Age as my texture pack of choice since its the perfect middle ground between the other two mods, but I still adore the new FX's the HD Mod added for the element arrows and especially the torches and fireplaces. Is it possible to add only these new FX's to my current mod list? How complicated would that be? Or is just a matter of installing the HD Mod, ripping the files for these FX's and putting only them in my MODS folder?
    Whats EP2?

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    nothing. absolutely nothing, and definitely not anything you would grab and then reupload all over the internet, causing people to download outdated files forever as soon as the actual authors release a new version.

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