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Thread: Installation Conundrum

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Installation Conundrum

    Wotcha gents.
    So I feel like playing some Dark Messiah.
    I bought the game on DVD when it came out, but also registered my key with Steam.
    This was before the days of disc games installing directly into your Steam library.
    So my options seem to be, install quickly from disk and manually patch, but have no Steam functionality, or install over Steam, but wait ages for the download.

    Is there any way I can install from the disk to my Steam library?
    I already tried installing from disk to a Dark Messiah folder in my SteamApps/common directory, but then attempting to launch the game in Steam caused Steam to crash to desktop.

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    she/her ⚧
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    Ah, no. If you give Steam the key then the disc can no longer be used. Steam won't accept that data. It has to use the data from its own servers.

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    Thing What Kicks
    Registered: Apr 2004
    Location: London
    Figured as much. Ah well, I just set Steam downloading it before leaving the house today, along with all 3 Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider games.
    That should keep me entertained.
    Cheers for the response DN.

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