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Thread: T1 FM: Information v1.1

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    T1 FM: Information v1.1

    I'm stuck in this old mission Thief1.
    I really hope that Nightwalker has trace of this mission and that can help me.
    Game on" normal" and I can not find brother Roban, please Nightwalker, only you with your hundreds and hundreds of notes, you can help me.

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    Replace convict.osm
    This is 1 of 2 missions I know that they require to install the TDP convict.osm.
    In case you run Thief Gold, the final objective won't trigger (jump on the boat should end the mission).
    If you download the Standard Thief Scripts from here, then the mission can be completed, but you probably need to start from scratch.
    Wes Morrisons 'The Gem' has the same issue.

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    Ok friends, I understood everything. I'm playing with Thief Gold, and now I understand why I can not find brother Roban.
    That's okay, it was the same as an FM fun, thanks to all!

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    Note: This mission that has been unfinishable when playing via TG has now a solution available in order to fully complete it.

    You need to install an old convict.osm, it is also advised that you install a .dml fix to correct the secret door issue both of which are available at Voodoo's repository. Note: These fixes must be installed only in the FMsel/fm/information folder as installing the convict.osm file in your main Thief folder will break the TG engine

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