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Thread: Prequel: Finals at The Academy (working title)

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    Prequel: Finals at The Academy (working title)

    Prequel is a three mission campaign. The story is set during the period when Garrett was trained by the Keepers and before he leaves them. The first mission begins with a simple test appropriate to a Keeper Agent, just prior to his initiation. (The first of the three is due out , maybe, in December)


    A really tall tower

    A Keeper hallway


    Up in the attic

    A precursor necropolis and tomb to explore

    There are lots of new AIs and gizmos that I'm introducing in this campaign, but I may like my deathshead moth the best. I don't know why. It's simple compaired to most, but I just like it.
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    Nice Larry !

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    Looking awesome!

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    Nice to see it coming along so well Larry! Looking forward to it

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