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Thread: TDM FM: Reap as you sow by Fieldmedic (2011/06/19) Seasons Contest

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    TDM FM: Reap as you sow by Fieldmedic (2011/06/19) Seasons Contest


    It's time for me to release my entry to the Seasons Contest, 2011. This map was built roughly between 1/4 - 19/6,

    A special thanks to my friend Ziggun and Ash that have helped me work out the story and write the readables. Also a thanks to my friend Henrik Swenson that has produced some of the sound effects. And also a big thank you to all team members and people developing this brilliant mod!

    And also a big thank you to the various guys and gals that helpt testing this mission and found some crashing bugs and helped me through the tempest

    Dear Sir
    I send you this letter as a request for aid in a delicate matter. My name is Oscar
    Powell, and I assure you that the rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated. I
    am, in fact, merely in hiding after the unfortunate incident that took the life of my
    father. You come highly recommended, and I trust in your complete discretion in
    what I am about to tell you. The incident that claimed my father and nearly myself
    was no accident - it was a clumpy attempt at an assassination. A band of pagan brutes
    assaulted the summer home, seeking to claim my life and that of my beloved father.
    And given the recent death of my beloved brother Bernhard, I now know where to
    point the accusing finger. My sister Alma, thrice-cursed be her name, must have hired
    them to rid herself of us. I have no doubts to her ambition to claim the family holdings,
    nor do I know her soul to contain any compassion. But the law is blind, they say, and
    I am but one man in hiding. But with proof I could challenge her and bring her to
    justice. Which is where you come in, as I am told you are without peer in bringing
    light to the ugliest of truths. So I ask of you to go the Powell summer home, where my
    beloved father and brother met their end, and find out the truth. With this letter you
    will find a ticket to the Powell hedge maze, which will give you an excellent chance
    to enter the estate. Use any means necessary and leave no stone unturned in this and
    you shall be richly rewarded when I am restored to my rightful place as owner of the
    Powell holdings.

    Yours humbly, Oscar Powell

    Important information!

    Because this is quite different mission from the rest, there are a few things to be aware of when playing.

    You are in essence a thief, but has chosen the approach of a private eye. This mission has lot of emphasis on story and most of the story is told through readables. As with most missions, the mission is enjoyable without reading all readables and most of them can sometimes be skipped. But in order to get the full experience from this mission, I recommend the player to read all the readables.

    This is a daylight mission and this means that you aren't directly cosidered a villain unless you show socially unacceptable behaviour such as stealing, walking in flower beds or going where you don't belong. (Note that on expert difficulty the mission begins with you breaking inside the main house and thus start in a high tension area). You will have a tension meter that goes up when you do something socially unacceptable. If anyone sees you during this state, the tension will go up on red and you will forever be considered a villain and will be chased. On expert difficulty this will result in instant failure. One another aspect on the daylight theme is that this mission is set on a farmland and to simulate these lands I have chosen a quite open map layout. This is contrary to all recommendations for the IdTech 4 engine and as a result, performace may be lacking in some places. I have tried my best to keep a good balance between good looking exterior parts versus good performance.

    This shouldn't have to be something to point out, but I've got to known that some players have some issues against "violence-control" in missions. My personal gameplay puts lots of emphasis on stealth and sneaking. Therefore I consider detection a failure and almost never kill anyone besides animals/undead. Violence is sparse in this mission and you're not allowed to kill anyone (that doesn't pose any immediate threat to you) on any of the difficulties. KO:s are perfectly allright although limited.


    TDM Release Thread & Voting

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    Congrats on the release! Thank you

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    Cool level. I only was able to explore a little bit so far, but this mission looks really unique with both the farm and daylight setting. Anxious to get back to it tonite.

    Congrats on the release - I guess there's not point in a mirror, since everything can be downloaded within TDM now.

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    This was different and reminded me of another daylight mission for T2. That was a real hardball too. You really have to be clever at sneaking to get past people in daylight and then you can relax a bit in the middle part of the mission and enjoy the scenery. Really a good mission and I am hoping there will be another maybe down in the sewers to hunt for whatever creepy there is . Congrats on another good mission Fieldmedic.

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    help please, where can i find the Powell´s ring and his precious statue imbued with diamonds? I´m inside the maze, i found two entrance to the underground tunnels, but they are all blocked by pipes and ice. this one is hard
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