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Thread: T2 Fanmission The day-worker - June 30 2011

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    Stuck at big gates

    After I have been to the warehouse and found the note about finding Ducan. When i go back to the drawbridge there are three guards in front of the big gates none of them have the big gates key. I went down in the sewers and found a guard with the big gates key. But when i go back up the key will not work on the big gates. What am i doing wrong? I cannot get through the big gates to go to the mayor's office.

    Please help

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    Well, the Large Gate Key should work on that gate. You can email the save game to me and I'll unlock the gate for you, and also see if there's a glitch in the game.

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    Can't find working download mirror. Mission is not listed here ->
    What happened ?

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    I can't download it, but I have it. Download it here until somebody updated his/her download site

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    Thanks a lot unna!

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    It's also available on
    I'm pretty sure I've played this before, but I'm going to give it another go. Looks like it will be fun.

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    Sheriff door

    Hi guys hope you will help me. I cannot open the sheriff door, i was in duncan room find him dead, read the scroll then new objective appear about finding the key do the locker in the bank. I was in the second room, find the secret with the bed. I looked trought this box with key impression to the sheriff door. I read somewhere that after i done this, the door should be pickable right now but is not, Am I missing something ?

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    Nice mission! Got a bit stuck looking for Lloyds place.

    Results: 1 hour 52 minutes. 3950 Loot and 3 Secrets found

    Quote Originally Posted by SparCATus View Post
    Hi guys hope you will help me. I cannot open the sheriff door
    When I got to the Sheriff door I didn't even have to pick it, just opened upon use. Are you trying to pick a door that isn't actually locked?

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    this mission is epic in how objectives work,might be the best yet

    reason why as you do an objective it updates map to show what is next ,only tricky part is figuring out how to access places

    i truly hope other fan mission authors look at this mission in how the objective work in game,and yes not all missions would use this style but i think alot of the older missions that are confusing would have benefited from this not sure what to call it but how it goes from objective to objective and updating map as you go,wow

    basso71 what a great job,please make more missions using same objective system in future missions

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    For some reason, this mission eluded me when it came out - I've only just discovered it.
    Good, so far, but I have a problem.

    How do I get into the museum?
    I'm up on the roof, by the window, but it is not frobbable

    Edit: Bashed it open, but I'm sure that's not what was intended. Bug?
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    to get in there i usedlock pick to open it

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    That's what I guessed, but for me, it doesn't highlight.

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    I'm almost finished with this awesome mission. I only have the loot objective to fulfill, however I was able to fail the "no kill" objective and still continue playing. Maybe there is a bug somewhere, but I shot the no-KO guard and failed the no kill objective. The objective has a red X but the mission never ended.

    frobbin hood I used my lock picks the first time, but I returned later to find that the door wouldn't highlight. I bashed it open with my black jack.
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