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Thread: Custom resources list

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    Custom resources list

    Hi everyone,

    I've moved the custom resources list, that was originally posted in the resources guide, to a seperate thread.
    Please read the thread instruction below before heading to the actual list.

    1. The resources in this list
    The below list contains links to locations (sites, forum threads) that contain downloads for mostly the following custom resources: objects, textures and AI skins. For other resources: visit the Guide to Custom Resources for dromEd (stickied at the top of the Editor's Guild forum), and notice the top of the thread's 1st page. It also works as quick shortcut to find this thread, especially when it disspears from the forum's main page.
    Note: I forgot to say that not everything has been transfered from the old location. I plan to do this in the coming days.

    2. Searching

    2.1 - Search recommendation
    Since the list contains keywords it's recommended to use the search function of your internet browser, by pressing Ctrl + F. Type the word you want to search for (like 'guard') in the searchbar and you should find a match. Press 'Enter' or click 'next' to proceed to the next hit.

    Alternately, scroll down through the list, click the links to sites or threads and discover which resources they contain to use in your FM project.

    2.2 - Advice: search for multiple words
    Because many different words are used to describe a certain texture or object, searching for a certain keyword might not instantly provide what you're looking for. Try a combination of words instead of just one. Example: not only 'plant(s)' but also for 'vegetation'. Example 2: not only 'brick' but also for 'stone'.
    Note: using keywords like 'brick' and 'stone' in one search doesn't work, as all words are positioned seperately in the list. Search for one word at a time.

    3. How you can help keeping these resources available.
    It happend too often that resources disspeared, sites went down, without anyone knew about it.

    - do you notice a certain site that is no longer working?: please ask the host of the site to put it back online.
    - can a certain file no longer be downloaded? Contact the author and ask if the download link can be repaired (NB: the makers of resources are asked to keep the contact information in their profile up-to-date).
    - do you know of any resources that are not listed here? Drop me a PM.
    This way we can all prevent resources from getting lost and guarantee the effectiveness of this thread.

    It's also appreciated to post a message in this thread to inform me and other members about this.

    4. Using resources in your FM

    4.1 - Credit
    When you use a certain resource in your fan mission, be sure to give proper credit in the mission's readme (name of the resource, the author who made it, the site/thread where it was downloaded), as usual. It's not only a sign of respect to the maker, but also makes it easier for dromeders to find out what materials were used in a specific mission.

    4.2 - Advice: use with caution
    It might be unnecessary to mention, but be cautious with using the custom resources in your mission. Many of them, while nicely made, don't stick close to the content of the original Thief games by Looking Glass, and can completely alter/spoil the atmosphere you have in mind. Using many custom don't make your project per se better. Unless you intentionally create a non-traditional adventure, or want to give another feel to your FM, my advice would be to look at the original stock textures and objects first to see what is available.

    5. Sharing new resources
    It is preferred to announce a new custom resource you've made in a new thread on the forum. But feel free to mention it - with link and description - in this thread for reference.

    6. Questions or remarks concerning this thread?
    Drop me a me a private message or post them here. There is still an old poll around where you can vote and/or give your opinion (see here).

    The list of resources is situated in the post below.
    ENJOY using it, taffers
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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: Museum of the Ancients

    14 March 2014:
    - New link to ambient music for Thief from CloudOJD


    Ambient Music for Thief FMs
    By: CloudOJD
    Description: I'm a freelance music composer with a bit of spare time. If anyone needs some music done for their missions, I'm more than willing to do it.
    Forum Thread: Looking to make music for FMs
    Sample music: Cloud of Judgement

    By: MAYER
    Keywords: madness, dreamer, twee

    Ambient Sounds Pack from "Faceless"
    By: Dario
    Keywords (updated!): "Faceless", abandoned .... ; Ambient --> drone, hit, hum, cricket, bird, dogs (howling), forestowl, frog, music, nightbird, sparks, thunder ; Fx --> bass, bells, bump, clock, crash, explosion, heartbeat, scare, monster, pagan (scream).

    Drunk Voice
    By: Sogax/Digital Nightfall
    Keywords: CoSaS Pack 14, drunk noble, voice set

    Thief I + II Sound effects enhancement pack
    By: Child of Karras

    Ambience music for FMs
    By: Sephy
    Keywords (updated!): alone, ambience loop, anybodyhome, basement, bell, bow, cave, chrystal flower, church, dark, deepcave, deeploop, forestbell, forestnoise, loop, mix, old church, pad, pagansiren, pit, sad, sadcello, sadtemple, something, strongwind, tense, well, windy, windlaut, windleise

    Background music for FMs (originally for the Hammerite Imperium)
    By: atolonen
    Keywords: dark spaces, disturbed, horny, night's work, repent, righteous, sadness, suspence

    Forgotten Soundscapes of the Hammerite Imperium
    Related forum thread: click here.
    By: zil ("available for use in future FMs. For free, but ask permission just so I’d know what’s happening."
    Keywords (updated!):
    - soothing, more calm pieces --> awakening, cold, beginning, majestic forest
    - dark backgrounds --> blackening (loop), cellar, telmantel, distant, unearthly, profundis, hearm, hollow, strings, nowhere
    - cutsenes --> death brother, standoff, dreorig, firith, lost, undercroft, passage east, striation caleaneth, earth fire, ante bellum
    - one instrument --> piano, cello
    - songs with vocal --> berethar, choir, prophecy, vocal
    - other/various --> beset danger, solemn, guruthos, death, violin effect
    - gathered from around the world --> aspiciens alonge (Jeanne d'Arc), lamento, neosymphony, paradisi gloria, rutam ziili sayonee

    Thief-inspired music
    By: ShadowSneaker
    Keywords: twilight trickster, nowhere, dreams of dead thoughts, mechanist massacre, crypts

    Ambient music thread
    By: Yandros
    Keywords: taonside mortified


    The Thieves' Warehouse
    Created by Flecha das Sombras, re-hosted by Yandros
    Flecha das Sombras --> armor, boot, helm, t-shirt, flatwares (spoon - fork - knife) ;
    Asgaroth --> horned skull, lava skull king, health shield/bar, skeleton arm model, lava skeleton ;
    Nielsen74, Custom part 1 --> Building (factory), Debris (firewood - broken crate - broken up-down switch), Decorative (armor (helmet) - candlestick - cobweb - necklace stand), shield, wood burning stove
    Nielsen74, Custom part 2 --> Furniture (chair - cabinet - dresser - table - victorian cabinet), Games (pool snooker - balls - chalk - cue stand - pooltable), Treasure (coins - necklace - pin - ring - thiefbag)
    Nielsen74, Custom part 3 --> Household (toiletpaper - book - china bottle, bowl, dinner plate, fork, knife, teacup - kitchen, pot, faucet, knife, napkin, palette, nadle, sack, scoop, silverware - office supplies, scale, weights - personal items, piratehook, soap, wooden peg - tobacco, sigar, smokingpipe), Weapons (cannon, load stick, sword), Windows
    Nielsen74, Custom part 4 --> Tools (saw - bricktong - carpenter table - chisel - chisels & screwdriver set - crank - drill - first-aid kit - frame saw - hammer - plasterboard - plaster trowel - plywood - screwdriver - shovel - steelwire brush - tablesaw - trowel)
    Related news:
    - The Thieves' Warehouse (back online!)
    - in-game pictures of Flecha's objects.

    Thief & DromEd Tools
    By: Paweuek
    Keywords: door (panel - wood - vine - pagan - barred - reinforced - storage), gate, crate, barrel, orc sword, key, lockbox, web
    Latest addition:
    - 14 new painting objects (of celebrities) on 20 Jul 2011.
    Related news:
    - site updated and back online.

    Christine's Homepage
    By: Christine
    - Ar-Zimrathon ;
    - Christine ;
    - GORT --> Tools (hammer, foldingruler, saw, screwdriver, walkie talkie, wrench), toilet, urinal, kurshok ai ;
    - Greenhorn ;
    - Hrothgar ;
    - pdackel ;
    - Syi --> skeleton, treasure chest, candle, wall sconce, jewelry box, table ;
    Latest addition: not recently

    Dark Arrow's Thief 2 Site
    By: Dark Arrow
    Keywords: bar chair, blue sword, chains, chandelier, demon, flower table, lightning bolt, ogre
    Latest addition: not recently

    Dark Zone
    By: Master_edd
    Keywords: book, chilli peppers, crates, halloween pumpkin, market cart, more...
    Latest addition: unknown

    By: UglyEd
    Keywords: bed, closet, toilet paper, more...
    Latest addition: not recently

    Don Willadsen's Object models
    By: dlw6
    Keywords: blackjack, broken rope, cloak, tableware
    Latest update: not recently

    By: Eshaktaar
    Keywords: Broken Triad, button & lever, chair, chest, lockbox and key, lamp, bag o' pipes, bellows, blackjack table, corona Pack, plant, hammer, statue, mummy, museum pedestral, new switches, oil flask, oil lantern, pyramid lamp, furniture, sarcophagus, skull, the sleeper, victrola, violin
    Latest addition: not recently

    By: Ottoj55
    - Jason Otto --> terrain objects, Household (household, decorative, furniture, plants), Gizmos and Lights (gizmos, lights, equipment, debris), Tools and Keys (tools, keys, critter shots), Junk and Miscellaneous
    - Nielsen74
    - Sluggs
    - TDBonko
    Latest addition:
    - New furniture objects (table, chairs, armiore, dresser and sofa) by Ottoj55 on 21 Nov 2010. Related forum thread: here.

    CoSaS Release Pack Index
    Direct links:
    Pack 1: Beds - -
    Packs 2/3: Replacement Portcullises and Ladders -
    Pack 4: Keys -
    Pack 5: Tinderbox & Flares -
    Pack 6: Chairs -
    Pack 7: Chests, Boxes, & Luggage -
    Pack 8: Folded Clothes -
    Pack 9: Books & Scrolls -
    Pack 10: Light Gem & Health Shields -
    Pack 11: Doors -
    Pack 12: Tiffany Lamps -
    Pack 13: Tables & Stands -
    Pack 14: Noble Skins & Drunk Voice - Look under Skins and Sound
    Pack 15: Lights of All Types! -
    Pack 16: Desks, Cabinets, & Dressers -
    Pack 17: Drapes -
    Pack 18: Musical objects -
    Pack 19: Flowers -
    Pack 20: Bookcases -
    Pack 21: Loot -
    Pack 22: Pub Set -
    Pack 23: Bathroom -
    Pack 24: Gambling -
    Pack 25: Bow & Quiver -
    Pack 26: Dagger Motions -

    King's Sale: new custom objects pack for Thief II
    By: Zontik
    Direct links:
    Volume #1: Keys -
    Volume #2: Doors -
    Volume #3: Lamps and chandeliers -
    Volume #4: Beds -
    Volume #5: Chairs -
    Volume #6: Tables -
    Volume #7: Furniture -
    Volume #8: Loot -
    Volume #9: Statues -
    Volume #10: Mixed objects -
    Volume #11: Interface -

    Low Poly Guild
    By: Schwaa2
    - Athalus (Weapons)
    - Ar-Zimrathon (Full pot)
    - Asgaroth (Egg, Scythe)
    - Christine (Debris, Household, Vegetation)
    - Dark Arrow (Bar Chair, Creatures, Flower table)
    - dhin (Surgical knives, Teddy bear)
    - Eshaktaar (Face light, Food, Furnishings, Hanging Lamp, Household, Treasure, Weapons)
    - G'len (Fan, Futuristic, Grate, Printing Press, Weapons)
    - Jonquilis (Household, Terrain, Weapons, Vegetation)
    - Nameless Voice (Containers, Creatures, Food, Furnishings, Household, Lighting, Terrain, Treasure, Weapons, Vegetation, more...)
    - Ottoj55 (Books, Mech light, Police Badge, Sheriff portait, Smoke bomb, Water tower)
    - Paweuek (Decorative, Keys and Locks, Terrain)
    - Phantom (Terrain, Weapons)
    - R Soul (Equipment, Furnishings, Lights, Terrain, Watering Can, Rake, Plaques)
    - raetsel (Birdbath, Coins, Paperclip, Pool H2o, Pumpkin, raebirdy, Secretdoor, Window)
    - Randall Taylor (Food, Modern Switch Outlet)
    - Schwaa (Creatures, Debris, Equipment, Food, Furnishings, Household, Lighting/Torches, Treasure, Tools, Weapons, Vegetation)
    - Shadowspawn (Coffee mug, Coffee pot, Creatures, Terrain)
    - Sluggs (Furnishings, Lighting, Terrain, Vegetation, more...)
    - Targa (Containers, Creatures, Equipment, Food, Furnishings, Household, Tools, Terrain, Treasure, Weapons)
    - usman saeed (Butcher knife, Hammer arm)
    - Watcher (Lamps)
    - Von Eins (Equipment, Furnishings, Household, Terrain, Vegetation)
    - Yametha (Mystic)
    - Vigil (Books, Containers, Crates, Glyphs, Lanters, Pipes, Railings)

    R Soul's Website
    By: R Soul
    spider, candle, lamp post, wheelbarrow, doors, food (sandwich), plaques, guard, portcullis, watering can, rake, chimney, spotlight, sarcophagus ;
    Improved original objects ---> holy water vial, bafford throne, 10'Iron fences, paitings, roulette table, turbines, red & orange doors, glass chandelier, pipes, bell, lamp glass texture ;
    Fixed original objects ---> sheriff's noko, gass arrow, hanging spotlight texture
    Latest addition: not recently

    Raetsel's Thief Stuff
    By: raetsel
    Keywords: secret door, coins, paperclip, window, bird, pool of water, pumpkin
    Latest addition: unknown

    Between Dreams and Shadows: Objects (New link)
    By: The Watcher
    Keywords: torch, streetlamp, filing cabinets, street signs (updated), turbine (updated), compass, wall light, gas light (updated), wall mounted spotlight (new), hanging brazier (new)
    Latest addition:
    - Hanging brazier by The Watcher on 28 Aug 2011.

    Targa's House 'O Thief Stuff
    By: Targa
    Keywords: Page One --> guard ai, desk fan ; Page Two --> potions, church pews, plates, scouting orb, compass, bottles, jug, frobbable guillotine ; Page Three --> sailboat, compass, plates, potion, sunburst device, mace, staff, hammer ai ; Page Four --> windmill, arbor, monument, sceptre, plate, goblets, window ; Page Five --> column, plates, window, food (steak), domes ; Page Six --> dome, plates, stained-glass window, dagger ; Page Seven --> AI with mace, pendulum, cage, plates, gold coins, sewer lid, metal door, dagger ; Page Eight --> dome, cyborg, sword w/player arm, mace w/player arm, artifact, desk, stained-glass window ; New Stuff ---> stained-glass window
    Latest addition: unknown

    Targa's House 'O more Thief Stuff
    By: Targa
    Keywords: Page One --> crate, chest, footlocker, jewelry box ; Page Two --> lockbox, pushbutton, picture frame, compass ; Page Three --> healthbar, door, turbine, chair, spider ; Page Four --> fence, floor lever, armoire, winebarrel, footlocker ; Page Five --> fat noble (ai), shield, tapestry, crystal ball, lockbox ; Page Six --> rope ladder, ai boobs skin, fat maid, hammerite priestess, switch, bellpull ; Page Seven --> dagger, radiator, female ai, sliding cabinet, bowsights ; Page Eight --> bathtub, hammerite (ai), arrows, arrow crystals, crystal seeds ; male ai, injured veteran guards, compass, scrolls (burned, dagger-stuck, nailed, hammerite nailed), crate with rope spools, chain, female ai, undead ai, bathtub faucet, tobacco pipe.
    Latest addition: unknown

    The House of Dhin
    By: dhin
    Keywords: teddy bear
    Latest addition: unknown

    The Nameless Tower
    By: Nameless Voice
    Keywords: Treasure --> plate, jar, coins, vase, bracelet, goblet, spheres, inkwell, comb, locket, magnifying glass, scissors, wind chime, pocket watch, globe, ahnks ; Lights --> street lamp fix, ground emergency light fix, desk lamp, gas lamp, candelabrum, fixed torches, street lamps, wall lantern, light orb ; Furniture --> bathtub, bookcases, bureau, table, cabinet, dresser, lectern, piano, poker bin, crate pack, cubic stove, chair, chest, coffin, barrel ; Household --> basket, toy pack, picture frame ; Vegetation --> plant, fern ; Meshes --> rope, vine, aztec, scarecrow, skeleton, axe ; Gizmos --> safe door, clock, knob, telescope ; Misc --> bat, street signs, balloons, raven, butterfly, sickle, food.
    Latest addition: not recently
    Related news:
    - From beyond the grave: The Nameless Tower.

    By: mkadlec
    Keywords: scale, pickbox, death (ai)
    Latest addition: not recently

    The Weary Taffer
    By: Yandros
    Keywords: hammer loot pack, hammerite development kit, talismans, gates, moneyboxes, presents, fixed seachest, tombstones, food, bookases, shelf unit, door
    Latest addition: not recently

    The Well-Equipped Thief
    By: Vigil
    Keywords: barrel, crate, books, cobwebs, containers (footlocker, sea-chest), glyphs, lantern skins, light shafts, pipes, railings, ropes, water ripples.
    Latest addition: not recently

    Naks & TDBonko's page
    By: tdbonko
    Keywords: angel (statue), banner, shield, chair, cross, armor suite, sword, scull, dragon, flower, goblet, flask, mask, harp, helmet, Isis (statue), gate, knife, fence, ornaments, plaque, sabre, scimitar, decorative statue, spaner, armor, sun, werewolf's tail, mechanist dive tank, practice dummy
    Latest addition: unknown

    Shadowspawn's Thief Pages
    By: Shadowspawn
    Keywords: Thief AI --> burrick, tormentor (half life)
    Latest addition: unknown

    A seasonal object
    By: caffeinatedzombeh
    Keywords: pumpkin, 'Rose Cottage', halloween

    New Art Package
    By: LarryG
    Keywords: 128 paintings

    Glyphs Resource Package
    By: LarryG
    Keywords: 119 glyphs

    Squirrell and banner
    By: Dark Arrow

    Hospital Equipment
    By: dhin
    Keywords: surgical knives

    New Switches Pack for Thief 2
    By: Eshaktaar
    Keywords: switch, lever, button

    Schwaa's Demo Mission - Breakable Lamps, Bugs, Many new objects
    By: Schwaa2
    Keywords: decor building, candle wall sconce, electric lights, wooden shutters, beetle, fire ant, perfume bottle, tree (high poly), fence, decorative screen wall, skully crawler, tower roofs

    Four new gemstones ready for looting!
    By: Wille

    Objects from Dancing with the Dead
    By: Gregorius
    Keywords: ironport, blastdoor, carvator, fuse set

    Vine arrow's fixed model
    By: Winter Cat

    All Thief 1/2 Objects in 3DS format
    By: Looking Glass

    Objects (package)
    By: PinkDot
    Keywords: [english translation needed]

    Custom objects
    By: marshall banana
    Note: no downloads available, pictures only. PM the author to recieve them.
    Keywords: AI warrior, hammerite knight, war hammer, axe, bedframe, coffin (p.1), ladder, cup, silent hill (p.2), sword, player arm (p.3), wine barrel (p.4)


    Schwaa's Demo Mission - Breakable Lamps, Bugs, Many new objects
    By: Schwaa2
    Keywords: Mesh --> wasp, beetle

    Carpathian AI Skins
    Originally from the Bathory and Dracula campaigns
    By: Sensut

    Undead Brother Murus Skins by Bronze Griffin
    Keywords: brother murus, undead, haunt

    Hammers and Mages by DarkMax
    Keywords: hammerites ==> guard, haunt, novice, novice zombie, priest, undead priest
    Dark Mages ==> guard, haunt, mage

    Thief & DromEd Tools
    By: Paweuek
    Keywords: Undead --> keeper haunt, child (mechanist project), mummy, servant, freddy kruger, mechanist ; Guards --> coloured, pink, red, orange, purple, grey, black ; People --> carrabinieri (sterlino), mother in law, mistress, pagan warrior ; Others --> orc, uruk-hai, mage
    Related news:
    - site updated and back online.

    Thief 2 Dromed V1.18
    By: And
    Keywords: Skins Thief 2

    CoSaS Pack 14: Noble Skins
    By: Wille & Digital Nightfall
    Keywords: -

    Haunts and Zombies by Bronze Griffin
    Keywords: archer, guard, hammerite, haunt, mechanist, noble, peasant, servant, thief, watchman, zombie

    Mechanist Skins by Bronze Griffin
    Keywords: Cavador, Karras, novice, servant soldier

    Monkey pirate & pagan spy Skins by Bronze Griffin
    Keywords: -

    Nobility skins by Digital Nightfall
    Keywords: -

    Female keeper skin by metal dawn
    Keywords: -

    Skins by metal dawn
    Keywords: apebeast, contract killer, haunt, noble, officer, sammy, spellcaster, spider, zombie

    Pagan warrior skins by metal dawn
    Keywords: -

    Zombie servant skin by taffer9
    Keywords: -

    Skins (package) by PinkDot
    Keywords: monk

    Skins from Dancing with the Dead by Gregorius
    Keywords: hammer scientist

    Hammerite kit by Yandros
    Keywords: archer, bot, bow, captain, crossbow, general, hand, haunt, high priest, lord, mechanist novice, murus, priest, shaft, soldier, sword, zombie

    Custom skins
    By: marshall banana
    Keywords (updated!): hammerite (p.1), guard, BA, baldrick, servant, norman (p.2)

    FM Resources overview
    Keywords: fan missions, gamesys, resources, sharing, skins


    Schwaa's Demo Mission - Breakable Lamps, Bugs, Many new objects
    By: Schwaa2
    Keywords: tree, door, girder, brick, glass, metal, flower, plank, roof - tile, wood, window

    Between Dreams and Shadows: Resources (New link)
    By: The Watcher
    Contains: Texture Packs by Balatro
    Keywords: Texture Pack 1 ---> 180 textures - brick, canvas, cobble, decor, marble, metal, stone, tile, wood, earth ; Texture Pack 2 ---> 183 textures - brick, cobble, decor, ground, marble, stain (glass), stone, tile, window, wood, earth ; Texture Pack 3 --> 183 textures - banner (cloth), brick, decor, grate, metal, roof, rose, stone, wall, weird, window.
    Related news:
    - Balatro's Texture Packs back online

    By: Ottoj55
    Contains: Texture Packs by Balatro
    Keywords: see site above for keywords
    Related news:
    - Balatro's Texture Packs back online

    Thorins Texture Families for Thief 2
    Keywords: doors, floors, misc, plants, walls, wood
    Latest addition: not recently

    Targa's House 'O Thief Stuff
    By: Targa
    Keywords: Page One --> footlocker skin, safe skin, door, rope skin.
    Latest addition: unknown

    Targa's House 'O more Thief Stuff
    By: Targa
    Keywords: Page Two --> VicSwitch skin ; Page Six --> AI "boobs" skin
    Latest addition: unknown

    Textures by zappen
    Related forum thread: click here.
    Made by: zappen ; Hosted by: Sensut
    Keywords: timber frame, medieval castles (wall, window, door, stone). windows, doors, mosaics, bordures, panoramic mountain (distant art)

    By: UglyEd
    Keywords: floor, kitchen, tile
    Latest addition: not recently

    Don Willadsen's Object models
    By: dlw6
    Keywords: cloak, rope
    Latest addition: seperate page for Don's thief objects (1 February 2009)

    MaJiC's Thief II Resource Collection
    By: MaJiC@work
    Keywords: building materials, concrete, coverings, edge, fence, floor, foliage, materials, metal, miscellaneous, mosaic, natural, paintings, real photos, rock, roman, rugs, rustic flaky paint wood plank, stone, tile, trim, wallpapers, wall, wallmaps, woven wood
    Latest addition: not recently

    <s>Master Builder Store</s>
    By: Judith
    Keywords: asphalt, bones, border, brick(s), ceiling, cobbles, concrete, cracked ground, dirt(y), door, floor, gravel, green grass, ivy, leaves, marble, metal, modern, moss, mud, old, pebbles, plaster, quartz, rock, rust, sewer, stone, stucco, trim, wall, withered grass, wood
    Latest addition: not recently

    By: potterr
    Keywords: card, table
    Latest addition: unknown

    R Soul's Website
    By: R Soul
    Keywords: bush, doors, path, stonewall, straw, vegetation, windows
    Latest addition:
    - Window textures (to fit 4x6) by R Soul on 16 Feb 2012. Related forum thread: here.

    Raetsel's Thief Stuff
    By: raetsel
    Keywords: brick, cement (rocky), insulated, lattice, round, shingles, stained glass, wall with detailed vines, window, wisteria, wood
    Latest addition: unknown
    Related news:

    The House of Dhin
    By: dhin
    Keywords: abby, brick, chambers, chap, concrete, rypt (unholy), design, floor, hall, stone
    Latest addition: not recently

    The Nameless Tower - Texture Vault
    By: Nameless Voice
    Keywords: brick, door, framework, miscellaneous (moon), paintings (trees, river), planks, stone, thief-based, tiles, wood
    Latest addition: not recently

    The Weary Taffer
    By: Yandros
    Keywords: door, flower, metalcoat, tile, windows, spider texture
    Latest addition: not recently

    The Well-Equipped Thief
    By: Vigil
    Keywords: brick, metal, mining, plaster, roofs, ruined, stone, street, terrain, tile, wood
    Latest addition: not recently

    By: Eshaktaar
    Keywords: Broken Triad, Animated Water
    Latest addition: not recently

    Thief 2 Dromed V1.18
    By: And
    Keywords: Thief 2, families
    Latest addition: unknown

    Texture archive
    - ground (brick, cobble, concrete, dirt, floor, grass, leaves, moss, mud, plants, rocks, vegetation) ;
    - Gumdrop brass (brass, brick, clock, floor) ;
    - Gumdrop bronze ;
    - Gumdrop city (door, shutter, snow, window) ;
    - paintings (+ fotos) ;
    - rugs (carpet, rug, tapestry(?) ;
    - textures (brass, brick, carpet, concrete, iron, meadow, moss, pebble, stone, straw, tile, wall, window, wood) ;
    - wood (wood --> wood (painted + plain), roof, tudor (architecture) --> beam, stonewall, tudor, window, wood) ;
    - done_paintings (ballet, ballroom, kitchen, landscape, lighthouse, etc) ;
    - max ads (advertisement) ;
    - max box (box, cardboard, container, crate, metal, shelfbox, wood) ;
    - max brick, max concrete (beton) ;
    - max door (door (steel, subway, garage, woodgate, etc)) ;
    - max --> external wall, furniture, grate
    - max misc (curtain, cupboard, coffin, floor trash, mirror, plank, tools) ;
    - max --> paintings, signs, snow, tile, trim, wallpaper, wood) ;
    - Yandros (alien, books, carpet, carved, cobble, doors, marble, metal, misc, nature, roof, rugs, stained glass, tile, walls, windows, wood, woodframe)

    Latest addition: unknown

    Texture archive
    Keywords: brick, door, tile, window frame, wood, wood tile, texture index Thief 1, Gold, 2
    Latest addition: unknown

    Texture archive
    Keywords: DEDx, doors, thief 2
    Latest addition: unknown

    Textures by DarkMax
    Keywords (updated!): brick, city, deco, floor, marble, grass, nature, ornament, roof, rug, stained-glass, street, tile, window, wood, stone

    Texture Pack by BrendaEM
    Keywords: brick, ceiling, cement, dirt, granite, ground, leaf, metal, moss, floor (old), roof, stone, tree bark, tree end, trim, wall (old), wall (new), wood (old)

    Textures for Thief 2, ready to use
    By: AntiMatter_16
    Keywords: Brickwalls --> roof, brickwall, stonewall ; Dmine --> gravel, stone, trax ; Magestower --> rug ; Metal --> metal, metalgrate ; Monastery --> books, stained-glass, carpet, hammer, pillar, tile, trim ; Outside --> dirt, grass, pine needles, path ; Stone --> rocks, stone ; Wood --> roof, hammer.

    Photo based textures of antique items, by Dark Arrow
    Keywords: ornament, trim, window

    Texture Pack by Melan
    Keywords: brick, door, casettes, church, clock, face, gothic, greek, orient, ornament, slab, stained glass, tile, trim, wallpaper, window

    Book and scroll textures by redface
    Keywords: bindings, book (open), imperial, scroll (gold), scroll (magic)

    Texture Pack by the one true thief
    Keywords: -

    Stained-glass texture by theeviltritone
    Keywords: hermit, stained glass

    High-res texture pack for Thief 2 by thief_gotcha
    Keywords: -

    Stained glass and window textures by Wille
    Keywords: hammer

    Granit textures by Wille
    Keywords: -

    Distant arts by Wille
    Keywords: alps, city, prague

    Stained glass by various authors (ask permission to use!)

    Custom textures
    By: Nielsen74 and R Soul
    Keywords: modified banner (p.3), carry icon (p.4)

    Textures (package) by PinkDot
    Keywords: brick, cave, cement, cobble, desk, dirt, door, floor, footprints, hieronymus bosch, leaves, mosaic, murk, planks, rock, roof, snow, tile, wall, wood

    This Thief fan makes stained glass windows
    By: Wille, DrK, Mortal Monkey
    Keywords: stained-glass, window

    Textures by MAYER
    Keywords: brick, wall, windows

    Modified banner texture by Nielsen74
    Keywords: -

    Hammerite kit by Yandros
    Keywords: carpet, rug, stained glass,

    Thief Enhancement Pack
    Keywords: original textures, thief 1,2, higher texture resolutions

    FM Resources overview
    Keywords: textures, fan missions, gamesys, resources, sharing[/QUOTE]
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    BrendaEM's link is DEAD.

    It's the section that looks like this:
    Texture Pack by BrendaEM
    Keywords: brick, ceiling, cement, dirt, granite, ground, leaf, metal, moss, floor (old), roof, stone, tree bark, tree end, trim, wall (old), wall (new), wood (old)
    Clarification: the link on that page that you linked to is DEAD. Does that make sense? As in: you can't get to her textures through that link (either one). Now?

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    Both ottoj's and sensut's websites seem to be down. I've read the post about ottoj's site not going up anymore, which is a shame, but what about sensut's? He had a lot of really nice skins on there and as far as I know, he's still active.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Most of Otto's objects are now uploaded to the Thief Object Repository. I don't know about Sensut's skins, though.

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    here´s a site where you can get alot of skyboxes:

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    any other places where one can get free skyboxes? trying to find a (modern) night city (like chaoscity from here) skybox (among other things) that would be at least 512*512 per texture and not jpg, but no luck so far.

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    I can't access the Nameless Tower or the wearytaffer sites, also many other object sites are no longer accessible.
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    Last mirrors of dead sites, and whatever files I could find.
    A pathetic effort that's sure to have missed things, but better than funneling newbies to a bunch of dead links.
    When in doubt, check DarkFate ( But it is not fully dependable - a few things there have 404'd - and I think the Thief Object Repository had more files.

    Flecha das Sombras:
    Asgaroth and Nielsen74 (small fraction):

    No objects.

    Most objects (360 of 404):
    3 more from Ar-Zimrathon:

    All objects downloadable from here. Also on DarkFate except DAChains and DALightning.

    No objects.

    No objects.

    No Wayback mirrors

    Partial - lists assets by Jason Otto, but not Nielson74, Sluggs, TDBonko, or Schwaa2
    Small fraction of objects:

    All objects downloadable from here except paperclip. DarkFate has all except water, birdbath, and bird/crow.

    All objects in packs are missing except bowsights (pack 7) and clawfoot bathtub (pack 8)
    Everything else can be downloaded from here.

    No objects.







    Note: The ant is broken by default but fixed with these tweaks:
    Shape->Model Name: S_Ant3
    Physics->Model->Type: Sphere, 1 submodel
    Physics->Model->Dimensions: Radius 1: 0.3


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    Found some of the mentioned custom objects on my HD. Some are unique, other objects can be found in a similar design made by other authors.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanover Aldercash View Post
    • an open book
    • a nice golden pen (which I placed as loot in all my FMs)
    • a basket
    • a lion's head
    • a wine shop sign

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanover Aldercash View Post
    • two rather modern fashioned beds
    • a pigling
    • two curtains
    • a dress
    • a modern toilet paper holder
    • an old fashioned toilet paper holder
    • a wardrobe
    • a pair of shoes
    • and a bunch of enhanced OM objects

    I wonder if I should host these items on my object website ... the author of the DIEBESGUT seems to have lost his webspace but is still present on from time to time.

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