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Thread: A script to alter the field values of other scripts?

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    A script to alter the field values of other scripts?

    Does anyone know of a script that can alter the fields of another script incrementally (+1, -3, etc., as opposed to stating a new value to replace the old)? I'm trying to make a mod that allows cameras (when they are destroyed or hacked) to adjust the difficulty in a level by raising or lowering the maximum population field of Ecology scripts run on Ecology objects.

    The "Ecology" script I'm trying to alter appears attached to Ecology objects in SS2's .mis files, but is not part of the Ecology archetype. Presumably, the Ecology scripts were added and fine-tuned by level designers to implement enemy spawning and security alert conditions.

    I'm not entirely sure if the Ecology script I'm referring to has the same traits as other scripts. I refer to it as a script because it appears in the "Scripts" menu of the Object Hierarchy in ShockEd. It's possible that it was just placed there for convenience, but for the moment I'm assuming it can be treated more or less like other scripts.

    If such a script exists (one that would allow camera events to trigger changes in the Ecology script), would applying it to the Ecology archetype allow it to alter the Ecology scripts placed on Ecology archetypes within levels?

    Sorry if this is confusing (the primary function of Ecology objects is to contain an Ecology script... argh), but I would appreciate any help in figuring out how to alter the fields of scripts in response to trigger events. Thanks in advance!

    P.S. - Sorry about the double-post. I didn't notice until now.
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