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Thread: Crash at The Cure

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    Crash at The Cure

    I finally managed to get T2X working on my computer after changing the hyperthreading (i think) suggested in a previous post. Now whenever i begin the mission "The Cure" the game crashes, so i can't keep playing! Any suggestions?

    Edit: I reset the decoder as suggested in T2X Movie Crash, not the hyperthreading.

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    It sounds like some file got corrupt or is missing. There's also the possibility that the install path of Thief2 is too long.

    Possibly your save file has become corrupt, you can check this by loading an earlier save -or starting anew- and press 'Ctrl+Shift+Alt+End' in each mission to insta-complete the mission until you reach The Cure. If it still crashes, it is unlikely that the save file is the problem.

    There's also the possibility that Thief2 can't find a required file because the path to the file is too long. Thief2 reserves a limited space for file paths and if a path doesn't fit it'll break the game.
    If your Thief2 is installed in a short path -like the default "C:\Games\Thief2\"- this is not the problem, if your install path is a lot longer it might be an idea to edit the darkinst.cfg in the t2x folder to use relative paths (which are much much sorter). See here on how to use relative paths.

    Then there's the possibility that a file of the t2x resource files is corrupt or missing, since it is quite hard to determine which file this might be, the easiest fix would be a full reinstall of t2x.

    If you try any of these possible solutions please do report the results back here, since it might help a fellow taffer caught in the same situation. Thanks.
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    It Works!

    I restarted the mission from another save file i had (the one i was loading from was a quicksave) and pressed Ctrl-Alt-Shift-End, skipped the movie and bought the items and i finally made it to The Cure! Thanks Addink, it worked perfectly, also thanks for such a swift reply! Most people take a week or so to respond, the taffers.

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