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Thread: NOW what are you playing?

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    Thirith, I would love to see something like that in the Destiny universe too. Say you get to play as Hawthorne (the ranger non-guardian lady with Lewis the eagle), and explore the EDZ and other planets in greater depth.
    But I think Bungie have submersed themselves and are gleefully swimming around in the "Games as a service" Kool-aid, so we're unlikely to see a decent single player game from them any time soon.

    So I'll just have to enjoy blowing things up and shooting them in their stupid faces for the time being.
    I'm really enjoying my build at the moment, which I can't help but think they're going to nerf. I just get too many grenades (from one of my favourite strikes, Strange Terrain):

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    Finished up all the Achievements in Into the Breach. Had a really rough time with Lightning War, in which you have to use the Blitzkrieg team and beat the first two islands in less than 30 minutes. Speed-running is not how I play this game!

    So, with all Achievements completed, I've finally unlocked the Secret Squad! ...It's shit. Well, I'll give it a try, and look for the last Secret Pilot while I'm at it. I'm very close to having seen all there is to see, and the missions are once again getting a bit repetitive.

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    Before starting over with Heaven's Vault I played There The Light, a casual walk in pleasant surroundings. It was... nice. There's not much more to say than that. It's like a music video for some pop trifle or other, not necessarily unpleasant while it lasted, but forgettable when it's over ("goes into one ear and comes out the other"). I got it in a sale and, for the price I paid, I don't regret playing it; there are worse ways to kill 2 hours, but, then again, there are also better ways. You won't be missing out by never playing There The Light.

    The whole thing feels like a proof of concept while learning the ropes. Might be worth keeping an eye on their future work, because the potential is there, but they need to step up puzzle design and/or story tellling -- and/or the exploration -- for it to be worth recommending. The environments were competently built and nothing really stood out as bad. It was... nice.

    I was going to compare it to The Witness, because of the art style, but the comparison would be totally unfair; the latter is superior in every way, but also ten times as expensive.
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    I still can't get enough of Dirt Rally... especially now that I "discovered" something that I really should have done a long time ago.

    Turn off all the damn driving assists. ABS, stability control, and if you're not feeling comfortable, disable traction control at least. To be honest, I had kind of forgotten that they even exist, even though it was pretty damn obvious that I had them enabled. I thought that they'd be essential when playing with a gamepad. I disabled them all, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it only took me a little while to get used to a slightly different driving style. Turning traction control off especially was the best thing I ever did in this game - driving without it feels so much smoother and much faster! Admittedly some cars are a bit harder to drive now, the Group B real-wheel drive beasts are proper death traps now, but then again they were like that in real life too...

    This may sound like some elitist crap, but I'm still not even pretending to be a great driver. I still lose by quite a margin against the best drivers online, but I'm getting much closer now. And hey, yesterday I set the fastest time on one Monaco stage in the monthly event so far! The very best drivers haven't even started the event yet, and they'll most likely beat my time quite easily, but this was still the proudest moment in my Dirt Rally career so far.

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    Manifold Garden has been released. In my mind I'm already playing it (being true to the thread title). HV might have to wait.

    MG is pretty great, now that I'm actually playing it. The only thing I could complain about is the lack of jumping, which I would say is part of the absolute bare minimum together with walking and sprinting. Being able to switch the direction of gravity does the same thing, but it still gets a little ridiculous when you're stopped by a tiny ledge and have to switch gravity just to get over it. I'm getting used to it, though (you could also say I'm... getting over it).
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