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Thread: NOW what are you playing?

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    Previously Important
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    NOW what are you playing?

    Old thread closed due to mega-ness. It can be found here, it isn't going anywhere.

    New and awesome WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING thread now open for business.


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    I've been playing do too much work.

    Although I occasionally squeeze in STALKER : Call of Pripyat when I can. Currently in Pripyat and exploring before going into the secret lab. Got calibration tools; planning to totally tweak out all my gear.

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    Taking the Death Toll
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    Yeah, Too Much Work's taking up all my time too. I tend to multitask with Family Drama 2011. Though I get Deus Ex Human Revolution in when I can. In Montreal now.

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    Bioshock 2. I think I'm liking it better than the original Bioshock, although it's difficult to disentangle my feelings about that game from my expectations and disappointment when those expectations weren't met. I have to say, I don't particularly like the *feel* of how the game controls, I don't like the feel of the weapons - in terms of shooters, it's definitely not one of my favourite ones - but now that they've got the Big Theme and Deep Meaning of the first game out of the way, the storytelling and writing feel more relaxed. I definitely liked Pauper's Drop and encountering another living person in Rapture who isn't out of her gourd.

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    That's exactly how I feel too. Plus the little sister protection thing, albeit repetitive, isn't so bad. I'd even go as far as to say it rewards tactical approaches and results in much more satisfying shooting sessions than the original.

    Not enough time for playing as well. I've been concentrating my efforts on The Witcher 2 for quite some time but I'm barely at the end of Act II right now. I'm conflicted so far with regards to the first game, but I love it nevertheless. Still, it takes itself too seriously and often loses a lot of the charming naivety of TW1. For the moment, my playthrough can be summed up by "Give me pretty erotic cards any time over ugly non-interactive sex cutscenes", literally and metaphorically.

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    El Shagmeister
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


    Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


    Still in China, wubba!

    Ok, and a little bit of NES/SNES emulation.

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    Deus Ex:Human Revolution here, too. And way too much of it, frankly.

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    - Designing maps for Joint Operations, for my friends on our weekly games night, and figuring out the NILE editor has been taking up much of my game time. If anyone knows of some good reference material for this editor, I would really appreciate it. I understand the basics, but so much of it has gone undocumented, and searching the internet is largely pointless.
    - Forget-me-not - great little iOS game ported to the PC, and made better in the process.
    - Jagged Alliance - agonizing over my first team picks to head into Arulco. Gonna stay focused on the game this time, I swear! No distractions, no distractions...
    - Looking-for-work - the only game worse than Doing-the-work

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    Been playing Master Thesis: Sleeless Evenings eXtreme, and a bit of Online Payment API: 200 pages aint got shit on us Edition. From games, tho, I managed to cram in some 12 hour long Alpha Centauri marathon here and there. Just finished a long war with my once long time ally Spartans, who finally agreeded to a truce after I took over half of their bases. Now, trying to unite the planet in a struggle against The Hive which has been dangerously spreading its territory...

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    Another one here on DX:HR. What a pleasant surprise this is. I was skeptical of the game before it's release, but I'm glad I turn out to be wrong.

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    re-playing San Andreas.

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    Yay, threads back, or more or less anyway .

    Hows GTA SA going?

    I had been playing Diablo 2 and got to act 4, but then Deus Ex Revolution came out and that's been all I've been playing ever since (other than occasional games of Super Mario Kart with the gf). Man I LOVE this game.

    Its a game you can just lose yourself in for days/weeks, and while it doesn't have the openness of Fallout 3 there's still heaps of side stuff to do and different ways to do things. I find that going and and taking each and every path to an objective, before actually completing the objective works best (XP and praxis points wise).

    Odd though that there isn't much of a negative to doing bad things. For example I went and snuck into the police station in Detroit for a mission and whilst there thought I might as well go hack every pc here and knock out every cop and person in the building for the xp. And once I completed that aim, there was no negative result of it. No stuffed up quests, or reprimands or people liking me less or whatever. None of it. Odd. If anything, playing the game on the more evil end, or atleast more willing to knock out anyone end of things, your alot better off it seems (long as your very careful and play very Thief like). Note that I'm playing the game non lethally for the most part.

    By the point in the game I'm at (currently at the medical center) got most of the skills I wanted maxed. So yeah, loving this game. Best FPS since Fallout 3. Then be back to Diablo 2 once I'm done.
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    The Alchemist
    Killzone 3.

    Howd I become the black sheep of this group?

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    Taking the Death Toll
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    By not posting enough, Alchy! Post more, we love you. Your armflailing keeps us cool, anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakoob View Post
    Been playing Master Thesis: Sleepless Evenings eXtreme
    Made me think of this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I sucked it up and started the Baldur's Gate series. Not sure how much combat changes in Baldur's Gate 2 to earn it the "best game of all time" I've heard thrown around a lot, but jesus christ combat in BG1 drives me INSANE, especially early on. From what I understand it gets easier later on as you've leveled and geared up more to take more hits. But until then, I'm turning the difficulty down.

    Combat seems to go like this, both for my characters and the enemies:

    Miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss HIT FOR 3/4 OF THE HEALTH BAR miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss DEAD

    Today that kind of gameplay is considered the stupidest of the stupid, but 15 years ago we didn't know any better and considered "luck" a perfectly acceptable central gameplay element. I'm crying on the inside and a little on the outside too, though, when I have to reload 6 times on the 3rd fight of the game because the enemy's sporadic ability to hit me happened to be less sporadic than usual. I was prepared for these kind of shenanigans when I decided to play an old game though, so I'm committed to see this one through!!!

    The Redbox near me finally got LA Noire so I picked that up. So far I'm not seeing what too much of the excitement is about, other than that character animation is BADASS in all capital letters. I keep playing just so I can see the amazing facial expressions. It's weird that a game's actual art can look so cartoony, yet the facial expressions can make you forget you're not looking at the real thing.

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    Wizardry VIII.

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    Currently playing GTA San Andreas and Quake 4. Have just pre-loaded Dead Island.
    And that's all I have to say about that.

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    I'm currently playing Tropico 4 and loving the humour, a throwback to Theme Hospital. Also looking forward to Dead Island.

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    Mostly I am re-re-replaying ES4: Oblivion trying different mods (including a couple I made) almost every time I play. I would claim I play it to prepare for the release of ES 5: Skyrim, but the facts are that the game looks awesome despite its age (thanks to my brand-new hardware), the hundreds of great mods greatly extend its replay value, and I love Vilja's sense of humor and general hotness.

    My new computer came with a free license for Portal, so last night I gave it a try. 5 hours later I had finished the game. I guess I'll have to read some reviews for Portal 2 to decide if I want it.

    When I feel like going online, which isn't that often, I play Champions Online.

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    Playing Deus Ex 3 like anyone else with a clue.

    Avalon - early level in every infinity engine game is all about how completely overpowered bows/slings are (same with early level Dragon Age 1, for that matter). Go into every fight unleashing a pile of arrows/bullets until they start to close, then switch your frontline fighters to melee to keep them off your back 4 who should be unleashing ranged hell. Also, and this may be so obvious it shouldn't be mentioned, take out one enemy at a time since it's one less person who can fight back, and focus on enemy spellcasters because they'll go down fast if you don't give them time to fuck your shit up.

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    Playing Deus Ex 3. DUH. Thoughts once I'm done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avalon View Post
    I sucked it up and started the Baldur's Gate series.

    And lots of patience....

    Me?, I just need to finish ToB to complete the entire series, w00t! (Durgar's Tower FTW as my favorite dungeon, yus).

    But first I gotta finish DE: HR, then my Fallout: NV game and FINALLY ToB....after that: The Witcher!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    Avalon - early level in every infinity engine game is all about how completely overpowered bows/slings are (same with early level Dragon Age 1, for that matter).
    Yeah that's what I figured, I'm almost overwhelmed with how much thinking and strategizing I have to do this early on in the game. Like, very first fight I go into with a nearly full party, and I'm pausing and ordering melee into frontline positions and queuing up damage spells and heal spells and potions and sometimes I still see a member or two die, or a total reload if one of those members is my guy since he's melee, and there's the low chance the enemy could get two successful hits in a row and just rape his face before anything can be done.

    I'm wishing I had made my character a ranged guy, but I'm far enough in that I really don't want to redo it and go through the hell of all that combat I've done already. I have to make a point of letting my dude be the last to run in because even though I've equipped him in the best "tank" gear I could possibly get at this point, he can still die in 1.5 seconds if I don't let my horde of companions buffer the damage first.

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    Even your melee guys should probably have bows or slings (depending on their class) early on, until you start fighting some mobs that you can overpower in melee. Even if your melee guys only end up firing an arrow a piece it still helps to soften things up.

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