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Thread: TDM Fan Mission: The Creeps 2011-10-30

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    TDM Fan Mission: The Creeps 2011-10-30

    The Creeps

    By Mortem Desino

    Available via the In-Game Downloader
    or at GameFront. (approx. 60.5 MB)

    It crawls upon human minds why some are bound up in grave sins.
    For what does it profit a man if he remains devoted to the nether creatures?
    Surely such deeds shall earn no portion from the Lord Builder.
    Such a man has destroyed his high place in Heaven.
    --Bishop Deifer, Letters to the Builder Clerics

    This is a small experimental gameplay FM, exploring a few shock/creep/horror capabilities of TDM.
    It was designed to be played but one time: so give yourself some time to explore a relatively small space.

    This is a "Halloween Speed Build" Contest entry, please visit The Dark Mod forums to cast your votes:



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    Thanks, NBohr. I'll just tell ye folks that I was quite rushed to finish this mission (after my laptop's southbridge turned into crispy bacon). Hope y'all enjoy!

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    This is great timing.
    Just finished Blackbog Hollow and now I slide right into this one.
    More people need to start firing up TDM.

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    Downloading now! Thanks, Mortem Desino

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    one of the most creepiest darkmod fan mission!

    Thanks and good luck on contest.

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    Nice mission, a bit short but still enjoyable, good looking design and lovely atmosphere

    Thanks for this one, looking foward for more.

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