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Thread: TDM Fan Mission: Dragon's Claw 2011-10-31

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    TDM Fan Mission: Dragon's Claw 2011-10-31

    Dragon's Claw
    By: Bikerdude

    "I usually welcome the shadows, a place of refuge for a master thief like me. However, there are dark places that even I fear. That place being the plague ward at the edge of town. Rumour has it that it was cursed by a pagan witch and it's inhabitants died from an incurable plague..."

    Download links:



    Build Time:
    Update Build Time:
    3-4 weeks.

    Pre-built maps and textures - Flanders (The man who built the Training Mission donated 12 or so old maps which I hobbled together)
    Readables - Sir Taffsalot (he has a wicked mind)
    FieldMedic - Ghost beggar (didn't quite work for me, so next time's the charm)
    Springheel - Jack-o-lantern (gotta have them)

    As always respect to the Dark Mod team and for all the hard work they put and continue to put into it. Special thanks to Fidcal, Serpentine and others for their help on the forums and to my beta testers: Flanders, Sir Taffsalot, nbhor1more, PranQster, RPGista, Thor, Xarg, Glyph Seeker.

    Known issues:-

    * Due to the deadline there are just going to be some bugs which I didn't have time to fix.
    * No map, its linear enough not to need one
    * Ai wont patrol/walk over the bridge - you'll see where etc and I tried everything I know to get them to walk over - nada.
    * Mission isn't challenging enough - I didn't have the time to tweak this at all.

    This is a "Halloween Speed Build" Contest mission for The Dark Mod. Please stop by the forums and cast your vote (once there is a poll in the thread ):
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    Congrats, Bikerdude

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    Hi Bikerdude'

    Have attempted to play your fm but it opens as far as the objectives and disappears when I press on. Have attempted reloading but no luck.

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    This mission does not have a loading screen. You may see the TDM logo just hanging there quite awhile before it finally loads. Give it some time.

    The latest Dark Mod version (v1.06) includes a feature which will automatically pause the mission as soon as it has finished loading (a prompt will appear on-screen). It'll give you the chance to leave your PC and grab a snack (etc) while it loads.

    Hope that helps.

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    I realize you said there would be bugs but I just can't finish this one. When I climb back up the ladder under the dragon the games goes to about 1 frame every few seconds. I tried for about 10 minutes to get the right angle to climb out but couldn't do it.

    Not criticizing, just letting you know. The mission looked and worked great until that point.

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    I go to the tavern (I have the Dragon's Claw) but the objective did not check off.

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    It's a small objective zone. "Stand right in front of the fireplace in the tavern, infront of the mage" (from the known bugs in the TDM thread)

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    Nice mission, i enjoyed playing this mission, Good looking design of the city and creepy ambient at the haunted city area, acessible gameplay, overall a high quality misson.
    Looking foward for more

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