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Thread: Compendium of unused stuff in Shock 1

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    Compendium of unused stuff in Shock 1

    This is a page I've been working on as an effort to document all the unused content in SS1. I've known about the unused logs and emails for a while (probably everyone here does by now, I guess), but I couldn't really find any info about any other possible unused content in the game online anywhere. Seeing some of the unused object names in the string resources piqued my interest, so I started playing with various editing tools to see what I could find within the resource files.

    The results ended up being fairly extensive. I found a decent amount of stuff: remnants of unfinished hardware and software (there's a bunch of leftovers from when cyberspace was supposed to be much more complex than it ended up being), unfinished enemies, a bunch of unused/removed decorative graphics, a fully functional tractor beam item that lets you pickup anything in sight (as if having 15 foot long arms weren't already enough), a 3D version of SHODAN's cyberspace avatar, and some other (fairly pedantic) stuff.

    I'm also working on documenting the more obscure differences between the different releases of the game, though I'm not nearly finished with that quite yet.

    The page isn't really 100% complete yet - feel free to add/correct anything that I may have missed/gotten wrong, or whatever, I'm sure there are people here who have spent more time poking this game's insides than I have.

    (Jesus, I sure waited a while to make my first post, didn't I?)

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    Very interesting - lots of stuff that looks like it was planned (such as the vending machines) but never taken to completion. I have to wonder what the story was behind internally naming a door "Great Lord Snaqueotrahn".

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    Imagine that someone will put all that unused stuff back into the game and creates a System Shock version how it was intend by the designers. That would be a revolutionary happening to this masterpiece.

    Thank You for the great entry. It's thrilling to think about how the game could have been with it.

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    Your work is really appreciated Devin. Thanks a lot, it was particularly interesting to gain insight into some features that had to wait for System Shock 2 to finally be implemented.

    I would have loved to have a deeper and more complex cyberspace as it was initially planned, too.

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    Oh this is very cool, appreciate the share!

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    Is there a similar thread for ss2 unused items?

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    This is awesome! Great work!

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    Very interesting, thanks,

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    Great work indeed
    I like it that we're still finding out new stuff about a game released seventeen years ago - which remains my absolute favourite game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llama View Post
    Is there a similar thread for ss2 unused items?
    Sort of...

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    Thanks a bunch, Devin!

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    Really cool! I would have loved to see those things in the game. Thanks Devin!

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    Glad you guys like it

    There are a few other things I've found that I'm not 100% sure about. Maybe you guys can verify them.

    These are from the TEXTURE.RES file. They look more like preliminary 3D model textures, which are all in a different file. I'm almost certain these are unused.

    These are from the same file. They're obviously more of the little "screen" animations but I don't recall seeing this particular set anywhere in the game. They all look like they're supposed to use color cycling for animation.

    This object is called "control panel". It looks like a wider version of one of the "control pedestal" objects, but I don't remember seeing this anywhere either.

    There are a few cyberspace info string things that I don't remember specifically seeing either, but I'm not sure which of these aren't used, if any:

    Armory combo -- 705.
    Maint. crawlway code -- 711
    Laser safety override code -- 199
    all restoration stations are now cyborg conversion sites
    Hospital level resistance destroyed -- Exec level resistance next target
    Resistors on Maintenance successfully turned into invisible mutants
    Database query: retina clearance for maintenance office. 1 match: Ghiran, Abe
    Code for Storage office -- 838
    Plastique explosive moved to high-security locker on Storage level
    Exec level resistance destroyed.
    design complete for experimental Plasma Rifle - move prototype to Security
    Computer nodes on levels 1-6 control systems authorization code

    I know these all relate to actual events in the game, but I don't remember seeing nearly this many of these things in cyberspace (it seems like they'd make some parts of the game too easy, since you're really supposed to get this stuff from the logs). The three lines with the access codes aren't the same as the "data" messages you pick up that contain the same info, so those are probably unused, but I don't know about the others.

    Besides this stuff, I updated the page with info about the debug/free movement mode (thanks to Malba Tahan who posted about it on and I'm still working on a sub-page that details a lot of small lesser-known things that were changed in the CD-ROM release.

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    I believe that many of those c-space strings are indeed used in the game. I clearly remember the first three codes in the list. I think that all of them are collected via Data Logs, but I believe you also get the information, just like some of the other messages, when colliding with Data Fragments or Information Nodes.
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    This is all really cool.

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    looks great!


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    Good work!

    First visit back here in a while. You've inspired me to start another playthrough.


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