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Thread: I showed you mine; now you show me yours .....

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    It's that time again. MORE ADVENTURE!

    Hey! It's M'aiq the Liar! He told me he saw a mudcrab the other day. Said they were horrible creatures.

    The Potted Plant of Ult'rak'ul'dra'mar'hok'salar.


    Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 3: Skyrim.

    It's like family photos from a vacation to hell.

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    Double posting to show everyone this.

    Pretty incredible. It gets even better when it starts showing the small scale hubub in the cities.

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    Well, I've come round to post my own.

    My gallery is here - let's see how far I can take this.
    (Also: For some reason, they wont let me make the full scale images public, so, if you fancy any, send me a message).
    Picture titles are typically witty enough, some comments only where suitable...

    RSS feed on that album is available, for anyone that much of a stalker...
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    Great shots, Renz! Lovin' your gallery as well, Ff. Thanks for sharing!

    A few more of my own:

    In the Sewers ...... AGAIN! (Wearing my new Thief outfit and thinking, 'Sewers! Why is it always Sewers?!!)

    Thief-like ambience in Riften

    More Thief-like ambience in Riften's graveyard (I was kind of expecting a bunch of zombies & skeletons to jump out of the graves)

    I could've listened to this guy talk all night! (Thank you Bethesda for hiring Mr. Russell - perfect choice for Cynric of the Thieves Guild!)

    Talos Shrine in Markarth

    A seriously tantalizing glimpse of the spire of Imperial City in the distance. Bethesda's devs sure know how to tease!

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    (Click for a slightly bigger picture. But it seems photobucket doesn't do the original size).

    I know it's nothing special. But I love this view. And the amount of detail. It's a genuine Bob Ross !
    I'm using the original 1920x1200 pgn as my desktop background.

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    Wow, beautiful!

    I set Windows to use my skyrim screenshots folder for my desktop background slideshow. It's great

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    A little equine rivalry between Frost & Shadowmere?

    Trying out my new mount.

    Absorbing a Dragon's soul.

    Hail Sithis! (Assassins)

    In my Assassins garb. (The chastity belt thingy looks like it might chafe.)

    Fit for framing (imo).

    The cave sounds made this even more realistic. Almost felt like spelunking.

    I could almost smell the snow.

    Getting ready to ride off into the sunset.
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    Some Caspar David Friedrich vibes

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    Aint nothing more relaxing that a nice read in some ICE-FREEZING-ASS-COLD WATER!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dia View Post
    Only noticed because several people insisted I looked ill. Strange.
    Haha. The first time that happened to me I kept thinking after I heard it a few times, ok seriously why is everyone saying that!? I found out later that it was because i had a disease. (I don't know if you have a disease, or if you were saying it was strange because you didn't have a disease and they were still saying that.)


    LOL. That's priceless.

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    I can't get your link to open Koki.

    Got it. Loved it.
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    Interesting. Anyone else?

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    I got it open fine on both home and work computers.

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    Neither PC I own will open it.

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    Well I think I might have deleted it so don't check now

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    I think since I got the hang of the free camera I've spent more time trying to frame pictures than actually playing the game...

    My current companion Ilia, who I picked up after helping her to kill her own mother. The corpse ended up in the tent in the background with a couple of ice spikes through it.


    She accompanied me to the Dwemer ruins at Aftand to look for the Elder Scroll, and seemed to be doing a rather better job of killing Falmer than I was. For no apparent reason, after swapping about a few items she decided to ditch the Necromancer Robes and don the steel plate armour that she'd been carrying for some time. I'm staying in the background because I'm not a very photogenic wood elf.

    Had enough of the robes...

    We stopped for a pleasant picnic in the eerily pretty Darkreach.

    Darkreach is an odd place

    Who looks better standing in front of a cross between a giant mushroom and a jellyfish?

    Giant floating jellyfish

    Ilia in blue light

    I had to crouch underneath her boot to get this shot:

    Adventurous camera angle

    So what exactly is this thing supposed to do?

    The Dwemer observatory at Aftand

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    Great pics, scumble! I'd like to see your character's face, though. As to the last pic, the device is integral to finding something that you need to find something else you need in order to vanquish that which needs to be vanquished.

    Or something like that.

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    Ah, that was a slight humour fail. I'd already got the scroll out by the time I took the last picture...

    I haven't yet been able to match your variety of outfits, Dia. Haven't found a full glass armour yet.

    As requested, here is Ryaerel:


    Some more items of interest:

    The Pale Blade manifests its' undocumented levitation ability.

    My sword doesn't want to be in the rack

    Argenir relieves some frustration from the side of the mountain after the Greybeards' meagre rations are delivered late again.

    Argenir vents some frustration

    The robes must be warm, as Ilia suddenly decided to change out of the armour.

    Ilia in front of High Hrothgar

    Ulfric is not amused.

    Ulfric is not amused

    "So, Dovakiin, you come again for tea. Will you choose Lamb, Goat, or Hagraven?"

    A pleasant chat with Parthunaxx

    Ilia was a little careless in that last fight:

    Companion Error

    This is very poor workmanship by the Hagravens, they haven't even closed the wound.


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    Apparently I've just made friends with a Hagraven.

    Making friends with a Hagraven

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    Previously on Skyrim... flying fish; quite lost Stormcloak soldiers; Adrainne finally beating Eorlund in skill; proving superiority of PC gaming, fucking up Dragons and global warming(all the arrows are Dwarven Arrows, which I thought was a nice touch).
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    Talos doesn't appear to like me very much.

    Have I offended Talos?

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    Vipir's expression and body language in this screenshot creased me up.

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    Can anyone explain how this ridiculous (and somewhat revealing) costume provides as much protection as Leather Armour?

    The oddly effective forsworn armour

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    Because Forsworn are hardcore. It's an outrage you can't join them. AN OUTRAGE.

    Previously on Skyrim: The infamous Wereroad, dead men walking and the two wanderers meet at last!

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