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Thread: Arx Fatalis Final Patch and Source Code Released!

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    The Architect
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    Arx Fatalis Final Patch and Source Code Released!

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    Thank you Arkane!

    Very cool.

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    I bought it from GOG at some point, wonder if they'll get the patch?

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    The Architect
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    If you bought it from GOG I think you can just patch the game yourself from the download on their site.

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    confirmed. just point the installer to your arx-installation folder (and double-check the path since the installer likes to double folder names, lol) and install it. but I guess gog will release a new installer sometime in the future

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    GREAT news!

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    Sweet! Now ill be able to play it and i can imagine their will be some great mods coming for it now that the source is out!

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    Thank you!!!

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    Wow! This was unexpected to say the least! Thanks, Arkane and Bethesda! While i myself am not a programmer, i'm also not ignorant enough to not understand what this could mean for the fans of the game, that are. I wonder if the patch does anything about the black screen after loading certain savegames bug.
    Awesome! A few old savegames, that loaded to black screen before work flawlessly now!
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    That's brilliant news! Thank you, Arkane! :)

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    Game doesn't work on wine, setting it up on nongdi mode (forcegdi=0) on the config cfg locks up linux, but leaving it as it is is unplayably slow.

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    Amazing to think that a patch has been released for a nine year old game! It just shows how much love was put into this game.

    It's terrific to hear that the source code has been released. Are there any plans to release the editor Digi?
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    This is great news, I can (hopefully) finally continue on in the game and beatdown some of the errors I was getting.

    One question - why now? A prelude to an Arx 2 announcement? Is it a coincidence that Digi just got a job working on a new title for Arkane? Hmmm...

    (sorry, that's actually 3 questions).

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    Quote Originally Posted by twisty View Post
    It's terrific to hear that the source code has been released. Are there any plans to release the editor Digi?
    I always figured the Arx editor to be Max and its ilk. Kinda like how it is with the pre-Amneisa HPL engine games.

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    The editor wasn't 100% owned by Arkane, which made a full public release of it impossible.

    EDIT: after a short archeology expedition I found:
    Quote Originally Posted by Raf View Post
    We'll probably release the tools we made ourself, but the 3DS importers will have to be made by somebody else
    (Ooh, and that's a definite confirmation of the 'Max' assumption).

    Given Raf's post was made over eight years ago, perhaps the owner of the original 3DS import library could be persuaded to release it to the public (perhaps only in lib form, or as dll or as part of the compiled executable..).
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    The Architect
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    I could always just ask him about those tools/content. But as usual just because he's fine with it (and I am sure he would be) it doesn't mean that the guys who would actually do the work can afford to spend the time on it while also meeting all of their current project goals.

    And yes, it's just a coincidence.

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    Wow! Great news! I was thinking about reinstalling and playing Arx not too long ago

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    Cool, I am dling the patch now.

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    Unfortunately I'm still getting the ole "Fatal Memory Error," even with the patch. Really want to finish this game, might just try to grind thru and quicksave - a lot.

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    One thing I noticed is that the menu that comes up when you insert the cd is now blank. I had to close the launch window and use the new shortcut. Also I noticed that automap in the players view is turned on now. Other than that it looks good.

    Edit 1: Ok dang it, how do you turn off the automap that is in the players view while playing? I searched the manual and can't find it. Thanks for any help!

    Edit 2: Dang I figured it out right after posting. For those that may find themselves in the position I was in just press M for map to remove it or put it up...Doh!
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    I think this must be a new record! Official patch for a 9 year old game !
    Great !!

    Unfortunately the patch doesn't introduce a fps limiter or something like that :-(

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    ahh,good news indeed-I have always enjoyed baking apple pies in this game.

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    Great news

    I too was just looking at playing this again.

    I was googling for mods or editors as well. I always thought that with the various Ultima remakes that are in progress or tried and failed, Arx would be perfect for a Ultima Underworld 1 & 2 remake, being the spiritual successor to them.

    Maybe the release of this code might make that a reality some day?

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    Hah, now I have to dig out my old CD and try it again, as I was never able to play it due to some bugs crashing it to the desktop.

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    The Steam version is now playing flawlessly on a dual-core and nVidia hardware on Vista.

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