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Thread: Trolls mad at me

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    Trolls mad at me

    Ok, I realize I did something bad. I missed the pathway up to the crystal caverns and instead used the levitate spell to float over the troll on the bridge and went down a level. I then took care of all that and accidentally went to the rat men and came back up...when I came back to that level, the troll was mad at me, so I fell in the water and ran to the other side to go to the crystal caverns and Arx.

    I talked with the king and got the letter for Pog, but when I go back the trolls will not even look at the letter, they just keep on coming. I have a few saves, but what I don't want to have to do is fight that giant spider took me 2 hours to kill and I am terrified of spiders.

    Am I totally screwed at this point. I really dont' want to have to fight that spider again. Also, I have already been to Arx and talked to the king and made pies and spent a lot of time there.

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    Not totally screwed, but it will pretty difficult to progress.

    There is still a troll that will help you, but you'll have to kill Pog and kill or avoid the rest.

    Is this giant spider that you don't want to fight again the bluish one in the crystal caves? If so, it is very easy to avoid until you are stronger.

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    It is indeed the bluish one. The one that will kill you in two bites. :P
    I have a bunch of saves, it's just that the town of Arx keeps crashing on me over and over...
    I had finally got stuff done there...I do not have a pickaxe so I had to go buy one...ugh.

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    Why didn't you get one for free in the Troll Mines? They are just laying all over for the taking.

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