Need some mod advice


I'll bold my questions to make it a bit easier to answer.

I've just started playing again and I'm using Complete 2009 with the 'Complete realistic weapons mod' at present.

As soon as LURK 1.2 comes out I'll be giving it a go but the lack of use for artifacts (other than cash) puts me off playing 1.1.

My questions then...

Complete is awesome, especially the graphics, and losing them will be a slightly sore point if I change mods... The problem is, I'm just finding it too straight forward! I've been playing shooters for years, CS during the betas (gave up years ago) and other military sims like Op FP and Arma etc. Because of that I've got that style of 'patient stealthy head-shotty' play down to a fine art, as I'm sure most of you have by now.

Unfortunately, this detracts from the challenge in a game like STALKER a bit. I find myself the proud owner of no less than 12 yellow medkits having only just reached Yantar, as well as a pair of fully modded assault rifles (the best availiable at this point), plentiful ammo and the best availiable armour/artifacts. I could be accused of 'F5 / F7 gameplay' but it's a habit of a lifetime, I'm not going to break it now. Besides, disabling the quick save key and starting from the last auto-save is just frustrating in a game like this, not challenging. Besides, I still use medkits and bandages in a liberal fashion. It's not like they're particuarly rare...

LURK is obviously the most challenging of mods availiable at present but I don't want to play 1.1 for the reasons stated above.

I have tried OL 2.2 but the even greater availiability of equipment and new, perhaps slightly overpowered weaponry makes it even easier than Complete, even with the insane spawns!

I was considering giving OL 2.2 a go but using Complete's weapon configs as they seem a bit more balanced. I wouldn't know how to begin configuring this though. Does anyone have any config files that I can just copy over an OL 2.2 install to make the gunplay a bit more challenging? I could be wrong but OL 2.2 weapons are just a bit too accurate, and the feeling of being a human firing a gun, as opposed to some kind of 'Chuck Norris Space Marine' is somewhat diminished..

Lastly, what is everyone else playing? What do you consider to be the most challenging combination of mods?

Thanks for your time.

edit: Also, if anyone knows specifically how to make other mods look like Complete 2009, it'd be much appreciated?