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Thread: T2 FM: "The Perfect Job" 18 Feb 2012

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    T2 FM: "The Perfect Job" 18 Feb 2012

    Hi! I got into Thief after watching the awesome lets plays by Lytha. I was really sad that she didn't seem to like Thief 2 much. I wanted to make her a nice mission that was wasn't too long and was easy to ghost and didn't have lots of tricks or other stuff to confuse her and wouldn't make it too hard for her to win.

    She got really mad at Thief 2 because of how big and hard it was. This should be perfect for her!

    Enjoy my first Thief 2 mission!

    The Perfect Job

    It's all ready to work in Darkloader and has cool custom content.

    Hope everyone likes it!

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    Congrats! Downloading.
    edit: finished.

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    Downloading now

    Edit: Finished and
    i've been Rickrolled
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    Well, it was weird finishing a mission in less than 40 seconds

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    Wow! The download took longer then the mission, haha.

    Very good, I like your taste in music! haha.

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    Whoa I'm stuck. I can't find all the Just kidding. Yah short mission, couldn't watch the whole video. But yeah we got rickrolled!

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    Beautiful but short!!

    This one should have been released on April 1st ha ha!!

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    Nice work

    Now you showed us what you can do, so get back to Dromed and make us a real one

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Just what I needed another cool mission to play.

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    Actually better than the last mission I played and I am a big Thief FM fan.

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    sparta has been removed from the book of names

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    DW you *^%$@#..... lol
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    All of my thoughts in order while playing it:

    a) No equipment? Nothing? Buggy?

    b) Yeah, get that letter. Somebody secretely in love with Lytha?

    c) Classic Thief city mission?

    d) Beautiful & well made first room, wonder what comes next?

    e) So much loot? That was quick ... well ... really buggy? I've seen worse...

    f) I can hear guards - are they after me (so that I'll lose the loot and the real mission starts)?

    g) Pavement isn't critical - should be able to ghost it easily!

    h) Wow. That REALLY was quick! Mini campaign?

    i) Ahh naw!!!

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    DL link

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    Thanks a bunch! Downloading now!!!

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    I hate to nitpick with such a nearly perfect first mission, but ... your pickpocket count in the stats is off by one.

    Quote Originally Posted by ffox View Post
    After chasing up pickpocket stats in T1 & 2, I think I know why T2 always adds one pick to the total available.

    If you edit_links in a T2 FM (I've looked at 8 FMs) the first one is usually bowman (-547) Contains QuivArrow (-121) Alternate. Delete this link and total picks reduce by one to the correct value - the FM does not seem to be affected.

    It seems that a pick is counted for links when AI Contains Belt for both T1 & T2, plus AI Contains Alternate for T2 only (in T2 this includes all types of archer). It doesn't matter if the object is frobbable or not!

    If you are out by more than 1, it may be something like a zombie wearing a bone on his belt. Make the object frobbable - Engine Features/FrobInfo: Move; Move (or Delete) - and it will count towards the player's total when he frobs it.

    Quote Originally Posted by R Soul View Post
    An alternative to altering/deleting the link would be to have a QuestVarTrap activated when the mission starts:
    quest var property:
    I suggest R Soul's approach for your situation. Well done!
    Last edited by LarryG; 19th Feb 2012 at 12:35.

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    Ohhh...i was expecting more of this mission, it was so brief, i wanted to explore the outside city
    Well at least you shows us how to build well a corridor and a few outside buildings, now is time for you to bring us a larger mission. nice 80s track at the end, i always loved pop music from the 80s, heres one of my favourite 80s musics:

    You probably know this one
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    Fun little mission ! Good Work ! Keep your fms coming !

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    LOL! I have heard of a short mission, but that was crazy! And the video in the end? I didn't know it was the 80s again, but I DO love hearing that song.

    I kept watching the video waiting for something to happen!

    But seriously, Thief 2 was HARD for someone? I have never heard of that! Not unless this is just a small child we are talking about?

    A lot of players complain the original missions were too easy!

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    So yay, reinstalled Thief 2 and I chose this mission to be the first one to play again. What a masterpiece!

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    Glad to see you back playing missions, Tater!

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    I'm not sure I'll get over the shock of finding out he uninstalled Thief in the first place.

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    Oh that was easy. New computer, Windows 7 instead of Windows XP. You know I'd never uninstall it myself.

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    That's a relief! You had me worried there for a minute.

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