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Thread: T2 campaign - The Black Frog (13-03-2012)

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    The "fix" is probably for players who have the crash to install the appropriate codec and/or upgrade their WMP. Gat, what codec did you use for the videos?

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    I'm using:-
    WinXP Pro SP3
    WMP 11.0.5271.5250 (b20.avi plays fine on this)
    Indeo 5.11
    XVid 'Final Release'

    Don't know which version of K-lite Codec Pack I last installed, but since first installing it maybe 4 years ago, I've never had a problem with an in-mission movie before.

    Oh, forgot to say - Thank-You for The Black Frog, gaetane

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    Thank you so much, downloading now.

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    Enfin !

    Just when I was playing The Korrigans and causing turmoil with them and the guards in the city. Now it's there !

    Félicitations !

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    Yeah this crashed for me so I just removed the movies and it runs fine.Thanx for this I cant wait to get stuck in .Congratulations on the release

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    Thanks Gaetane,

    Congratulations on the release, downloading now and can wait to play.

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    Congrats on the release gaetane!

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    HTML Code:
    The "fix" is probably for players who have the crash to install the appropriate codec and/or upgrade their WMP. Gat, what codec did you use for the videos?
    hummm... I don't know
    I transferred the wmv videos in Mediacoder and i applied to them the video settings for Thief. That all
    I'll look for if there is a mean for to know what codecs Mediacoder is using.
    I'm sorry but I'm very ignorant about video encoding techniques
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    Thank you again
    Aside from the videos issue, I hope you'll have a good time to play the missions

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    I have the indeo 5 driver install for the Theif games. I'm not savy enough either to know what else I need. WMP is windows media player right? I didnt know the game used that. Just let me know what I need and where to get it. Thanks!

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    Congratulations Gat! So pleased for you. And yes, the movie thing is a huge surprise. But it's very common.

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    Yup the first mission crashes for me unless I remove the briefing movie, but it's not a big deal.
    I thought I did everything in the first mission but I missed a lot of secrets and stuff, wow. Currently ghosting the second mission and I gotta say I like it a lot.

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    Crash happened for me too so I just removed the .avi file and it worked fine...

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    DL link

    link for this campaign on taffers paradise

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    This is sweet. I like this so far. I just started mission 2. I really like the textures and music.

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    kudos ... thanks

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    WOOHOO!!! It's been years since I played your l'Arsene series, Gaetane, but I really enjoyed it and have been looking forward to Black Frog for a long time! I was going to do some work tonight, but maybe that'll have to wait!

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    Wou! Terrific!! ... Congrats' you made the release Gaetane! I did look forward enjoying this baby since years. Thanks for all time and efforts that got into that huge endeavor!!

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    Well I finished the first mission by using the renaming file trick. I thought I found everything but missed a bunch of secrets. Awesomeness so far. On to mission 2 tonight when I get home from work. Your still tops with me!

    Edit: Just saw I'm your biggest! Any eta on Black Frog 2? lol

    Edit2: I was able to watch the opening video in windows media player but had to remane it to be able to play the missions. I'm guess I will have to do the same with the other movie unless a fix comes out before right?
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    Merci beaucoup! C'est magnifique!

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    If you are having crashes due to codec problems try the Open Source LAV Filters. No crashing here.

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    Fantastic news, congratulations on the release! I'm going to take tomorrow off, remove the battery from my phone, and roll down the blinds...

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    Huh, ok, so it seems I have a peculiar non-codec related crashing problem.

    Second mission, the library (although I'm not sure the place is relevant) - quicksaved there. Went up, got into the secret office, read some stuff and accidentally made too much noise, so I quickloaded. Now it loads (the first "frame", I suppose, I can't move) and after about a second crashes to the desktop with the standard Windows error, every time.

    The first mission works fine, as do other fanmissions. Running Win 7 64 bit, latest ddfix and widescreen patch. Any ideas?
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    Concerning the movie playback problem:

    The movies use an XviD or DivX codec for video and an MP3 codec for the audio part. Most Windows versions will already have an MP3 decompression codec installed, but many need at least a DivX codec (version 5.21 was sufficient for ancient Win98SE here) to play the movies.

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