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Thread: T2 campaign - The Black Frog (13-03-2012)

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    A new Black Frog review, Gaetane, by Thor who's quite mad but harmless.

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    Fantastic campaign. I think the story stitched the missions together nicely, the missions were varied, and it didn't feel like "just another key-hunt".

    I especially liked that the first mission was a gentle weaponless introduction to the campaign, where I get to explore without any enemies. I did manage to get a broadhead, though, (without cheating) by catching one of the assassination arrows. I used it - like any good taffer would - in the back of the head of the sleeping guard in the tower, someone heard and all hell broke loose. Fun. Reload and continue properly.

    Congratulations Gaetane!

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    At least but all, Emily has broken my heart. I am really fall in love with her...everywhere...anytimes. Hopefully I can see her again sometime. This is the kampaign I have searching for. Many thanks, kisses and peace, Gatane. You got me, too.

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    SiO2, thank you very much for your nice comments

    ...I used it - like any good taffer would - in the back of the head of the sleeping guard in the tower, someone heard and all hell broke loose.
    Oh, how cruel! By killing this poor innocent guard, the people demanded vengeance. Be careful with this arrow, it will bring you nothing but trouble
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    Brush, I'll tell your kind words to Emilie, i'm sure she will be very flattered
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    I wonder how I missed this neat campaign? Probably because I was in limbo at the time...

    However, I've made it to part 2, and am having a pleasant time playing through it.
    Nice job, Gaetane!

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    Hi, I have been enjoying this great campaign so far, but Im stuck at the beginning of the 4th mission The Lady and the Thief. Im not able to pick up the lever in the camp from the book. Ive read about this problem and NVScript, but none of the suggestions were my case. So I was thinking if anybody know about some way how to pass the gate or have a save right behind the gate. I would be very grateful. Thanks.

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    If you send me a savegame I'll get past the gate and send it back. Or I could just play that far and send you a savegame, whichever you prefer. What level are you playing on?

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    OK, I have sent you saves to your email. I play on expert, last save is quicksave.

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    I just played this campaign on the "newdark" upgrade, and let me say that I thought the original was beautiful...... WOW! This is freaking awesome.....

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    hey hey look what I did

    Quote Originally Posted by PotatoGuy View Post
    Congrats on the release! A huge burden must be off your shoulders now.

    I can't really play Thief 2 now, but I'll get my new computer soon. Thief will be the first thing I install, and Black Frog the first FM I'll download, I can tell you that.
    What's that, past spud? Soon? First thing I install? So after 2 years of being a stupid idiot, I finally reinstalled Thief, and decided to play the first FM to be released after I got my new computer, this one.

    [Some spoilers will follow, people who are silly enough to read this post without having played this campaign!]

    The missions were visually fantastic, my favorites being mission 1 and 2. I had just so much fun in the first mission, soaking in the atmosphere and looking in all hooks and crannies. Mission 2 is now one of my favorite mansion FMs - I dunno, I just love those mansions full of corpses that suddenly appear, and where you have to trail back to find some new hidden area. Really well done, and a nice sense of mystery.
    Mission 3 was especially great when compared to mission 1, how all the happiness was gone so suddenly. I didn't mind the keyhunt, it was nicely fun doing that avoiding the dogs, but I wasn't all too fond of having to get rid of all the dogs. Garrett seems like the type of guy to just say 'screw it' and leave all those guys in the sewers behind.
    Mission 4 was probably my least favorite mission. It was a great story (man, the fishery!), but the areas sometimes seemed a little too far apart, and I couldn't get too much in the atmosphere that way. It felt a bit too game-ish to me.
    Mission 5 was the best sequel to Emilie Victor. Another great-looking mansion, and another mirror version (see what I did there HOLD ON now I see what YOU did there gaetane) of that mansion. Still doesn't top mission 2 for me, because most of the mystery is already resolved. Chakara is scary, mostly when I encountered him in the tunnel at the end. I really forgot he still existed in this version of the mansion, and I liked how I had to run away from him, after just evading him in the mirror world.

    Now because I'm nitpicky, I'll ask some nitpicky story questions!
    - I probably read this in mission 2 and forgot, but why did Garivaldi commit suicide? Couldn't handle Emilie's absence anymore after he dedicated so much time to her on the island?
    - It's been years since I played Emilie Victor, so I might get this wrong, but what was so special about the Black Frog? Didn't Emilie 'corrupt' reality already when she was just a little kid? How did the Black Frog help her that way?
    - Why does Garrett sell the painting to Belmont after evading 10 hell hounds, and then is satisfied with only a meagre 1000 as payment? I really wanted to blackjack Belmont in his smug face.
    - And what is Belmont's end goal? He wanted the Black Frog, but would he have been able to really use it?
    - Why is Garrett determined to destroy the Black Frog? I mean, sure, the mirror world was scary as hell, but he has seen this kind of thing before. In my mind he still has some connection with Emilie, would it have been so bad if he just let her keep the thing? And even if he didn't want Emilie to have it, why not let the Keepers have it? I mean, he knows those guys are wise enough to not abuse its power, and that they are not interested in using it for personal gain.

    Woop that are a lot of questionmarks. Sorry for being a pain in the ass. Great mission set which I certainly will replay! Visually glorious, interesting narrative, and a giant Dewdrop. What else do we need? Thanks Gaetane!

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    Just started this mission a short while ago. When I came across the two people dancing on a table in the streets, I had to laugh out loud. Already love the atmosphere, time to dive back in!

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    boy, am i late to the party!
    Been playing mission 1 for the past hour, holy crap this is awesome, the dancing guests made me laugh head off!
    Excellent, so far

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    I'm impressed, just finished all missions. This is one of the best missions that I've played, it's amazing.

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    Brilliant; Genius; Incredible

    Not quite finished with the campaign yet, but now is a good time to express my awe.
    This and Heartcliff Islands represent new highs in Thief 2 fan mods.
    Utterly professional in conception and execution, Looking Glass Studios would be proud that their legacy lives on so long after the demise of the studio itself at such a lofty level of achievement.

    The Thief community owes all such dedicated and tireless creators a depth of gratitude for so many hours of enjoyment that can never truly be repaid except by our effusive praise.

    So here goes:

    Long live the Modders! Praise them with great praise!

    (Good enough for Frodo and Sam. No higher praise is possible.)

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    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    I was just playing it again for the 4th time, I think. I'm in the last mission.

    I just love it all: the piano playing (background music) in the Lady's Bedroom, the story, the maps.

    This FM has this magic in it... can't describe it. Man... I miss these kind of FM!

    Thanks again, Gatane, for this chef-d'oeuvre

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    Just started platying this yet again. On mission 3 and I just hate the little doggies. Tough little bastards, and quite fast too Such a cool campaign.....

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    For people that haven't seen it, here's my playlist for this wonderful campaign
    Klatremus' Supreme Thief Site - Walkthroughs, Loot Lists & Ghost Reports
    Let's Supreme Ghost Thief - YouTube Channel with Thief Let's Plays

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    Could anyone tell me how to turn off the electric floor in the portrait room please?

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    Its been a while but as I recall there is a button puzzle upstairs and to the far corner of the vault museum area. The answer is on a parchment hidden in the tower. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basil View Post
    Could anyone tell me how to turn off the electric floor in the portrait room please?
    I just replayed this part. In Garivaldi's apartment, there is a hard-to-see switch behind the base of one of the two statues (the W one). It opens a ceiling hatch and sends down a ladder.

    EDIT: But if you have enough HP/healing, you can grab the painting without shutting off the floor trap. You can survive short periods of electrified floor, which is all you need if you make use of the secret crawlspace entrance from the room with the Mechanist artifact.
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    Thanks jiansonz & Stingm.

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    Awesome so far, but I'm stuck...

    Been loving the campaign. Super good detail on everything so far, especially considering there are 5 missions total!

    Kinda got stuck on mission 3 though. I honestly love hunting down the dogs. Always kinda wanted a level that lets you be a ninja assassin instead of just a thief, and sprinting from the shadows to cleave a fire pupper was super fun. I've killed 9 dogs (maybe 10 and i miscounted), and there are no more throughout the entire map, but the objective still hasn't ticked off. The giant white robe dude isn't at the balcony, and before the kill everything objective came, I took the liberty of stabbing him mercilessly, since he didn't seem to react at all. Was I supposed to wait until I got the objective, then stab? Or is my game glitched? (or is there a hidden dog someone I could have missed? I checked every house, even the one with the scripted event where the guard gets killed)


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    Ricebug wrote in his walkthrough (2012) that you should only begin to kill the creatures when you have received the objective, otherwise it won't work. Sounds like that happened to you. I'm afraid you have to restart that mission. Ricebug also wrote that there were 10 creatures to kill.

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