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Thread: Thief: The Musical Project (Music To Taff By)

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    Thief: The Musical Project (Music To Taff By)

    What do you groove to when breaking and entering? What is your soundtrack when you blackjack?
    FM Authors! What tunes inspire you to keep DromEdding deep into the night?
    Post 'em here!

    I've been listening to Thiefy type Metal, specifically from 1998/99 (and creating fake album covers too...I need to get out more).

    Stealing From A Thief - Anthrax
    Silent Are The Watchers - Dismember
    Chaos And Mayhem - Ritual Carnage
    Demon Of The Fall - Opeth
    Superbeast - Rob Zombie

    Edit: 'Classics' may be pushing it a tad, TBH.....but they're soooo taffin' Thiefy!
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    I don't listen to anything outside of the game when I am playing. When Dromeding it is most often dark ambient music or a Thief soundtrack, but on occasion I want something more blood-pumping, and it is usually Opeth or Amon Amarth for those situations.

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    If I'm completely familiar with a game, I will often do a play-through while listening to music. I still do this with 'Doom', TBH.
    I do have some modded OMs for Thief (The FUBAR install I calls it). Extra guards, sh*t loads of zombies and a maxed out arsenal (tweaked the fire arrow velocity for effect).
    Yup, I do likes me some Swedish Metal.
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