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Thread: T2 FM - Shadow Plans (17-03-2012)

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    I use the good old darkloader v4.3
    language english+french wasn't recognized by the loader and english only made it crashed.
    The second solution worked perfectly, thank you Unna.

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    Registered: Apr 2015
    The 1st solution is working with modern FM loaders.
    Glad it worked.

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    Good missions, the first one has a good pagan vibe and the second one is a more classical city exploration.
    As for some other players, I have the 9 objectives ticked except "dont steal from the poors" but the mission is not ending though.

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    Other players have the same problems. There's no trigger to fulfill the objective, but triggers to cancel it
    I can fix this in a dml.
    Maybe just steal from the poor to end the mission?

    DML1//Shadow Plans//Fix goal 4//Steal from the Poor//miss21.mis.dml
    +ObjProp 500 "Scripts"
        "Script 0" TrapSetQVar
    +ObjProp 500 "TrapQVar"
        "" =1:goal_state_4
    +Link 1351 500 "ControlDevice"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pavis View Post
    Hello, I downloaded version 1b of this mission and I play with a french version of thief 2 : all the objectives are empty, I can see the 4 checkboxes in expert but no text, so it's a bit difficult to know what to do
    Usually when no french translation is available I have the original english text. The strings\English folder is not empty so I suspect a configuration problem but I don't know where to search. Can someone please help me ?
    I found a french folder under /snd, don't ask me why.
    As a matter of fact if DarkLoader discovers at least one language folder it "thinks" that there must be a full version of this language, so the other folders (/books, /intrface, /strings, ...) remain empty after the FM installation. I don't know how the newer loaders handle this problem or how they handle multi-language versions at all but this single folder definitely caused your problem.

    Pavis, après avoir joué cette FM... peut-être t' as envie de la traduir ? On cherche toujours des traducteurs doués...
    My FM campaigns Garrett's Young Years XTra, Reunion With Basso
    Want your upcoming FM translated in foreign languages?

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    I met the girl and i closed the waste pipe and now i climbed up over tendrils ladders and now i stand in front of a door, wichich isn't frobbable

    what should i do

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