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Thread: Combat Flight Simulator 1 & Windows 7

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    Combat Flight Simulator 1 & Windows 7

    I have an older game and dug it out of the closet and was wondering if anyone still plays these. I also have CFS2 ( a win7 no go) and CFS3 a go on win7. CFS1 with little fix ( a note pad fix copied from a windows forum) fixes the joystick issue and I was hoping that maybe someone may have a patch and or fix for the CFS renderer because no matter how I configure it either in my on board gpu (ATI Catalyst) settings or the game settings it still quivers and shakes and tears in places. I know this is an oldie and what I saw people doing with Deus Ex I was hoping maybe some die hards had something for this old bird. This was the only thing I could find on this forum and it has grey whiskers and cobwebs.

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    You might get lucky asking here, but think your chances are rather slim.

    If there aren't any forums left which cater to CFS, you could try asking at vogons.

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    Yeah I did find some on SimsoutHouse...thanks

    vogons seems like a good site though lots of info
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