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Thread: A Stalker-ish place

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    A Stalker-ish place

    I just took a trip to Cockatoo Island in Sydney harbour. It's an old shipyard and military something-or-other, but now all that's left are the empty warehouses and some holiday cottages.

    The place had a massively STALKER-like vibe. Both in specific details and in the feeling of desolation. Except for the fact that it was a beautiful sunny Australian day . Photos.

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    Great pics!!! #16 reminds me of the Jupiter complex (CoP) & #21 is reminiscent of the Concrete factory tower. I could just see Sidorovich sitting behind the wire partition in #1.

    Thanks for sharing Dan!

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    Nice pics!! Seeing your pics i too became eager to visit these places. Give me some more info regarding these places please.

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    I'm flattered.

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    I'm laughing.

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